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Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Lelouch

Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass

Lelouch Vi Britannia, the protagonist of Code Geass. The anime is all about ancient holy empires, witches, and magical powers. Lelouch is cast out and exiled from his own kingdom by his father, the king of the Holy Britannic Empire. He stands against all of his tyrannical ideas and decides to form a rebellion. After coming across a witch, he gains the supernatural powers of the Geass. This power allows him to make anyone follow his command for a single time to a limited extent.

Armed with superior intellect and the Geass, Lelouch starts slowly and steadily taking over his father’s entire empire. The anime is brilliant, and if you’re someone who enjoys mind-twisting strategies, surprising methods of attack, and just a great tactical battle, then this is the show for you. Lelouch is a great protagonist and is considered one of the smartest characters in all anime. But being the smartest doesn’t mean he will always be on top. There are a lot of characters who can outsmart and overpower Lelouch. Here is a list of the top ten anime characters who can beat Lelouch.

10. Light Yagami

Light Yagami - Death Note

At number 10, we have Light Yagami. Perhaps the smartest character in all of anime, Light will easily sweep Lelouch off his feet. Light possesses the powerful Death Note. All he has to do is get Lelouch’s name, and he will be done for. The light was able to outsmart the likes of L, and L is not someone who can be outsmarted or outplayed easily. This one will definitely be a battle of brains over brawns. But we believe Light will just sit on his desk, figure out Lelouch’s name and finish the battle before it begins.

9. Goku


At number 9, we have none other than Goku. Goku could simply speed blitz, Lelouch. He has to look out for that eye, however. But once he gets into his Super Saiyan Mode, his power and speed increase like hell. He even has a certain amount of magic resistance which gives him an edge over Lelouch. With power enough to destroy entire planets, we doubt a battle between Goku and Lelouch would last long. Since both of them are from separate universes, measuring their powers and comparing them is a difficult task. But even a dead Goku can come back to life to fight. And since Lelouch can use it on a person only once, Goku would eventually come out on top.

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8. Saitama

Saitama- One Punch Man

Saitama- One Punch Man

If we factor in Saitama’s speed and sheer physical strength, we can easily see how a match would turn out. Let’s assume Lelouch is able to get the control in. But Saitama could simply shatter the very Earth beneath his feet or speed blitz him with a single punch before he utters any commands. In all truth, a match between these two would be interesting because, with Lelouch’s smarts, the battle might just shift in his favor. Saitama isn’t exactly known for being intelligent. So Lelouch can take the win with his brains and calculated use of his Geass. Nevertheless, Saitama is a satiric character. He is made invincible, to begin with. So it only stands to reason that he comes out on top.

7. Sosuke Aizen

Strongest Anime Characters

The battle between these two would be full of twists and turns. Both of the characters are known for mystical power and super sharp intellect. If Lelouch can use his Geass to make someone do his bidding, Aizen can show one illusion. Aizen’s Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu has absolute control over all the senses of an enemy. A situation could arise where Lelouch manages to control Aizen only to get stabbed from the back to find out it was all an illusion. If that weren’t enough, he has an army of hollows and Espadas to unleash on Lelouch. He can’t possibly deal with all of them together at once since Espadas alone are some of the strongest creatures in all of Bleach. A match between these two would certainly be interesting, but it is easy to see how Aizen would take the win here.

6. Gojo Satoru


Gojo is said to be the strongest character from Jujutsu Kaisen. This would be a war between two powerful magic users. If Lelouch can control people, Gojo can literally warp and control time-space with his abilities. Moreover, he usually sports a blindfold, and Lelouch’s powers require direct eye contact to take effect. Gojo can twist time and space around Lelouch before he makes a move, and with his eyes covered, Lelouch’s Geass is basically useless. Gojo takes this battle with ease.

5. Itachi Uchiha


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Another one with unbelievable visual prowess, Itachi’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, will be an excellent match for Lelouch’s Geass. It will again be a battle of brains and tricks. While Lelouch can affect his enemy only once in one specific way, Itachi can use his in ways beyond imagination. He can put Lelouch in an infinite Tsukuyomi the moment they make eye contact. Lelouch won’t even get the utter a command before being put into the genjutsu. And then Itachi can unleash the Amaterasu on his immobilized body and turn him to ash instantly.

4. Saiki


From the parody anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, this guy discovers new powers every living day. He is a complete weirdo who sports green sunglasses at all times. He can curse people with eternal bad luck and affect time and space without knowing it. Being a parody character gives Saiki an edge as he’d probably defeat Lelouch unknowingly and in the funniest way possible. It’ll be sad for Lelouch but absolutely hilarious in general.

3. Kaname Tosen


Another powerful character from the Bleach series. Tosen wins by default because he is blind. The Geass requires direct eye contact to be maintained in order to take effect. And so naturally, it will be useless against a blind enemy. Tosen is also a soul, so it’ll be next to impossible for Lelouch to see him in the first place. Pair that with his unmistakable power, and we have a combo that Lelouch can’t even dream of defeating.

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2. Mob

Mob Psycho 100

At number 2, we have Mob from Mob Psycho. Mob wins because of his psychic prowess. Since the Geass affects people on a psychic level, Mob, with his ultra-powerful psychic abilities, can easily shrug off Lelouch’s commands. He can even destroy a massive part of the world with his abilities if he lets them run wild. Since he has such mental abilities which generate physical power, it becomes difficult for Lelouch to take him down. Moreover, he can astral project himself, allowing his soul to exit his own body. He can also enter the bodies and minds of other people in this state, which gives him a good edge over Lelouch. In his completely unleashed form, Mob becomes an absolute monster unleashing his entire power, which is far beyond that of any other Esper. In this state, he can devastate anyone and anything in his path. If he gets Mob mad, Lelouch has no chance of winning.

1. Truth


And finally, at number 1, we have Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist. Forget gods, Saiyans, and other infinite energy characters. Truth is the universe itself. He is a manifestation of all of existence. To take on him, Lelouch would need more than the powers of a Geass.

First of all, he would need powerful alchemy knowledge just to come face to face with this entity. But with his smarts, we can assume that he may achieve that. Even so, his Geass won’t work on Truth because he is not entirely a person. He doesn’t seem to have eyes, nor is he bound by the rules of physics like distance.

Truth looks like a shape of a person, but in reality, he’s just a void-looking being with no real physical body. And there is no way to kill Truth. Not unless you’re a universe-destroying god-like Zeno. Even that seems like a far-off possibility.

With all things said and done, Lelouch would probably get a lesson in alchemy and life. And then, before he knows it, Truth will take away his body and his life. Or, at the very least, he would take away his Geass and render him powerless. That would be the worst punishment for Lelouch.