Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History: Who Has He Been With So Far?

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Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History
Tom Hiddleston’s Dating

Want to know all about Thor star Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History? While popular actor Tom Hiddleston has starred in several films, his big breakthrough role came in the form of The God of Mischief, Loki. As Hiddleston portrayed the evil brother of Thor, there was no looking back for the actor. His character became so very popular in the Marvel franchise that it spawned a Disney solo series. However, the actor recently referred to himself as a temporary torchbearer for the character.

Hiddleston has been portraying the role since 2011’s Thor. Apart from his professional success, the actor has been quite the ladies’ man while being linked with several leading ladies from the industry. Tom Hiddleston was recently spotted at this year’s BAFTAS with a special someone and it seems like the actor is officially off the market! For now, let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History.

Take A Look At Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History

Susannah Fielding: Marvel star Tom Hiddleston and Susannah Fielding started a whirlwind romance for three long years. The pair met on the set of the BBC show Wallander back in 2008 and instantly hit it off. However, the relationship came to an end as the actor further confirmed that in an interview in 2012. When asked about the reason behind the split, Tom explained contrary to the speculation that it happened because the actor was getting all the attention and left her behind, it was not the case. Hiddleston explained that he was very driven at that time and there was no time to have a proper girlfriend. A busy work schedule might have played a part in the split. 

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Jessica Chastain: The actor soon sparked dating rumours with co-star Jessica Chastain as they worked together in 2015’s Crimson Peak. However, these rumours were put to rest at once after Chastain revealed that she follows a no actor rule when it comes to dating. When asked about one sexy feature about his Crimson Peak co-star, Chastain said that it’s difficult to answer as he is just a friend. The actress further said that the actor’s voice is pretty sexy. The romance rumours were nothing but a mere ruse.

Tom Hiddleston’s Dating History
Tom Hiddleston And Jessica Chastain

Elizabeth Olsen: The actor was again linked with his I Saw the Light, co-star, Elizabeth Olsen. These rumours of Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen dating came right after Olsen split from her fiancé Boyd Holbrook back in January 2015. Moreover, an insider claimed that the actress wants to make a new life for herself and is just having fun. However, Elizabeth Olsen soon cleared the while stating that they are good friends and have known each other for about four years, but it is nothing romantic in nature. The Marvel star further added that they just happened to be at the same restaurant at the wrong time having dinner that gave way to these rumours.

Taylor Swift: Tom Hiddleston had a high profile relationship with musical sensation Taylor Swift in 2016. These rumours were fuelled further after the Thor star was photographed wearing an I Heart T.S. Tank Top. While the relationship was short-lived, the pair ended o good terms as Hiddleston later called his former girlfriend an amazing woman. He further described Swift as generous and kind and lovely, while admitting to having the best time. Tom further called the relationship very real.

Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift

Zawe Ashton: Tom Hiddleston starred alongside Zawe Ashton in the West End production of Betrayal in London. The romance rumours soon began to do the rounds as many claimed that the couple started dating from February 2019 onwards. As they managed to keep it away from the media limelight for a while, their relationship was out there in September 2019. The couple recently made their red carpet appearance as a couple as paparazzi spotted them as they stepped out onto the red carpet at the 2022 BAFTAs. It seems like the pair have made their rumoured relationship official after a while. 

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