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Spoilers & Preview: Tokyo Revengers Episode 8

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi tried to warn The Manji Gang not to fight with the Moebius Gang. He got beaten by a guy who claimed that One of the Moebius Gang has messed up with his girl. Takemichi wonders how he will stop this battle, and Sano comments that they will fight Moebius’s Gang. Suddenly, Moebius and his gang arrive; he teases Sano and Ken and tells them to switch their name from Tokyo Manji Gang to Middle School Baby Alliance. Moebis also said to the two that he had brought the fight that they have been waiting for.

Takemichi realizes that this is the day that Ken died, and he has to find a way to stop this fight. One of the Manji Gang members tries to fight, but Moebius pins the guy to the ground with a single blow. Takechimi realizes that only four of them are against an army of the Moebius Gang, and one of them got KO’d. Moebius comments that this is war, baby. Pah-chin wakes up after suffering a nasty KO. The Moebius Gang members laugh at him. Moebius remarks that they have come to see Sano of the Middle School Baby Alliance.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 7

The episode is titled Revive. Sano seems not to be scared even though he is outnumbered. He steps forward and squares off with Moebius. Takemichi realizes that the worst is about to happen. The gang surrounds the trio, and Sano asks Moebius if he has to bring an army to fight some Middle School Baby. Sano and Mebius exchange words. Takemichi realizes that Moebius is nothing like the guy he met twelve years in the future, and they Moebius here now.

He wonders how Moebius end that way in the future, and he was not even scary as now. Moebius notice that Takemichi is looking at him and asks what Takemichi is looking at. He gets closer to Takemichi’s face and pretends like he is blowing smoke on his face and end up landing a powerful hook the sends Takemichi to the ground. Before he hits the ground, Takemichi manages to maintain his balance. Moebius asks Takemichi if he is trying to look down on him. Pah-Chi blocked a powerful blow and told Moebius to fight with him.

Takemichi is pouring blood all over his body and asks Pah-Chin not to fight. Pah-Chin pushes Takemichi and told him to stay out of this. Takemichi has become weak, and he is struggling to stand. But he wants to prevent the death of the Manji Gang Members. One of the Gang told Takemichi not to underestimate Pah-Chin since he is one of the best brawlers Sano’s got. He also said that Pah-Chin could take down a whole crew on his own using fists ablaze, and Pah-Chi will never lose to Moebius.

The Best Brawlers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi said it is not about winning or losing, and they might end up losing Dranken’s life. Takemichi realizes that he has to stop this, or Hina will also die. Sano told Takemichi to sit and watch since this is Pah’s fight. Pah-Chin attacks, but he got welcomed with massive jabs. Pah comments that Moebius punches like a girl, and his jabs won’t even kill ants. Pah got brutally beaten, and Moebius thinks Pah is cocky. Takemichi notices that Pah is just swinging and missing.

He told Sano that they have to stop this, and this is torture. Pah receives a powerful blow, and he stumbles towards Sano and falls on Sano’s shoulder. Sano embraces Pah and realizes that Moebius is getting inside his nerves. Pah apologizes for being worthless. Sano replies that they haven’t lost yet. Moebius gang teased Sano and told him no to wet his pants. Sano heads towards Moebius with his hands on his pockets. The gang told Sano to home and cry while locking himself inside a room.

Moebius asks Sano if he wants a piece of him, and he will murder him in ten seconds. Sano landed that signature move kick that he likes and send Moebius flying.  Moebius got defeated with a three-hit combo. Moebius gang can’t believe that Moebius got beaten like a baby. Sano told the gang who thinks that Pah-Chin has lost must leave the building. Ken notices Moebius is walking up, and he landed a flying knee on Moebius’s belly. He realizes that Moebius was carrying a bottle to stab Sano, but the plan failed.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 8 will release on Sunday, 30 May 2021, at 2:08 JST. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll.

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