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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tokyo Revengers

Draken’s death begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223, with Draken revealing that he has suffered three bullets during the brawl with the guys that wanted to kill Takemichi. Tokyo revengers have entered another era of BRAHMAN vs. Three Deities that will begin soon. From the recent Tokyo Revengers chapter, Takemichi and Senju wanted to leave the amusement park, and Takemichi gets surprised when Draken started to tell him to take care of Mikey. Draken lies on his back as the heavy rain continues to pour. Takemichi realizes that Draken’s speech has changed and wonders what is happing.

The chapter title is “Give Back.” Takemichi notices that Draken is lying on top of a pool of blood and begins to cry. Draken comments that he can’t feel his hands and the sky is changing. Takemichi told Draken not to worry since he had called an ambulance and Senju was out to help them. He promises that he will save him and Draken replies that he is dying. Draken and three holes of bullets in his body on the picture, and Takemichi tell him to stop saying that he will die. Draken uses his body as a shield during the battle with those punks and takes three bullets while protecting Takemichi.

Takemichi reminds Draken that he is a tough guy and he will be fine tomorrow. Draken told Takemichi not to blame himself, thinking that it happened because he traveled from the past. He reminds Takemichi that he saved him because of his will, and he is glad that he put his life for Takemichi online. Takemichi has out of words since Draken’s health is deteriorating and he is losing too much blood. One of the bullets has hit his chest near Draken’s heart.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222

Draken asks Takemichi if he gets what he is saying, and Takemichi agrees. He reminds Takemichi about the time he lost many fights and how he got punished by older guys during their time at school. But after losing his fight, he rolls on the ground and lies on his back to feel at peace while looking at the sky like he does now. Draken realizes that all the time, when he does that, everything becomes irrelevant, and he finds peace. Takemichi comments that he understands that feeling. But the only guy who has never fall on his back and stare at the sky is Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi wonders what Draken is saying, and Draken adds that it is a shame that Mike has never got defeated or experience defeat in his life. Draken opens up that he likes Mikey and the way Mikey carried a burden on his back. But he managed to endure all the pain and sorrow while continuing to make everyone happy. Draken adds that they have walked the same path, and he has been with Mikey through everything. That makes him always want to do something to help Mikey. Takemichi keeps on crying, feeling that Draken is telling him the finals words before he meets his end.

Takemichi asks Draken if he can answer his question but is something lame about him. Draken agrees and uses the name “Takemichy,” requesting him to take care of Mikey. Takemichi is on his knees, watching Draken dying slowly but surely, and he accepts that he will fulfill all of Draken’s wishes. The chapter ends with Draken at the brink of death; we will find out in the next chapter if Takemichi will change fate and save Draken with the help of Senju.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Release Date

Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 223 will be released on Wednesday, 22 September 2021. The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers arrives late on Tuesday and is released on Wednesday every week. Tokyo Revengers continues with the Wednesday schedule with a new chapter every week. The next chapter of this manga will reveal the truth behind Draken, who is about to die, don’t miss it. Let’s meet on Wednesday when the manga releases the latest chapter and note that we have no official Tokyo Revengers manga website.

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