‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Season 2 Episode 3 – Cross Game

There’s a lot of things going on in every episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2. In the last episode, Arima and Kaneki decided to decide their fates by fighting against each other, with Kaneki planning to die at the end. That might not be the case because Arima slashed his neck in the last episode. In Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2 episode 3, what secrets would he reveal at death’s door?

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 – The Grim Reaper’s Fall

Kaneki will rush toward the dying Arima and listens to him while he revealed his greatest secrets. He is, in fact, a half-human hybrid (half-ghoul are those like Eto). This means that he can eat normal human food, and he doesn’t have a kagune, but he has physical boosts that are greater than even a normal ghoul. In exchange, half-human like him have a short lifespan and is already having elderly diseases like Glaucoma. His last wish is for Kaneki to take the blame for his death. In the end, Arima revealed that he always hate killing ghouls and that he is happy that he can leave something behind.


While Toka and co. are all trying to escape Cochlea, they will encounter Kiyoko and Mougan. Mougan will fire a powerful beam, but Hinami will be able to block it using her kagune. The attack injured Hinami in the process, which enrages Ayato and charges Mougan. Ayato will also be injured, but they will be saved just in time by Toka.

Meanwhile, Marude and other investigators barged in while Yoshitoki Washuu was watching in the control room. Having read Eto’s book, he deduced that the Washuu Clan are ghouls. He also uncovered that the gate does not work with the Washuus, Arima, members of Zero Squad, and Hsiao. Marude raised his gun and pulled the trigger while aiming to Yoshitoki’s head. Yoshitoki will then show his ghoul eyes and a battle will ensue.

And that’s it for Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 episode 3. Stay tuned for more news and spoilers.

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