Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 4 Summary

Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 4 is coming out soon. If you have grown tired of waiting for the episode, then I’m here with the spoilers of the episode. The previous episode was a really good one. It looks like Tokyo Ghoul is learning from its past mistake of going off the track with the previous Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 4 Spoilers

In Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 3, we saw some new characters. The biggest shock of the episode was handed to Tsukiyama who was surprised that the underwear which had been stolen from Kaneki’s place doesn’t even smell like Kaneki. Now moving on to the spoilers of Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4

It looks that the Clowns are still on the move. The others have found the enemy and it looks that the Clowns in Gagi and Guge will be putting on a show for their followers.

It looks that episode will have the battle that we have been eagerly waiting for. With the impending auction, the Clowns will fight against their pursuers. It will be a good fight. The title of the episode is “Auction” and the episode will air on 25th April.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4

From the title, it is clear that the episode will focus on Nutcracker. It will involve the place where she has been selling victims to gourmets. The episode will also show Uta making a return. Suzuya’s Squad is also going to step up their game to find clues about Nutcracker.

It is going to be an interesting episode if Suzuya meets Nutcracker. It should be noted that Suzuya is a former slave of Big Madam. Their confrontation is something that I’m looking forward to as it would raise the bar.

You cannot download Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 4 but you can stream it on Crunchyroll & FUNimation.

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