Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 3 Preview, Release Date, Leaks

Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3

Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 3 is titled Eve: fresh (前夜祭 fresh, Zenyasai fresh). So far we have one preview image for the episode and details on the release date.

Here is a quick synopsis of Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 2 in case you missed it.

Haise Sasaki defeats Orochi’s in battle. And as soon as he removes Orochi’s mask, he finds Nishiki underneath and he calls him “Kaneki.” A wave of memories hits Haise, driving him totally insane. As Sasaki looks to turn on his fellow team members CCG-agents, Akira tranquilizes him.

Haise Sasaki demotes Kuki as leader of Quinx Squad and promotes Ginshi in his place after returning to his senses. Sasaki battles with Arima and tells him that he is worried that his past memories of Ken Kaneki were coming back.

Haise Sasaski stopping by a coffee shop owned by Touka Kirishima called :re, He instantly recognizes her and is recognized in turn by Touka as well. After drinking her coffee, He recalls his time at Anteiku and he starts crying. He also thinks to himself that he has never seen anyone so beautiful.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 3 Preview Image & Release Date

That’s it for the summary for Ep2, here is a leaked photo of Tokyo Ghoul:re episode 2 and details on the release date of the episode.

Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3

Tokyo Ghoul re episode 3 will air on Tokyo MX on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. The new episode will also air online on FUNimation and Crunchyroll, download for this show is not available.