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Preview & Recap: To Your Eternity Episode 18

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity Episode 18 is around the corner, but the anime will conclude this season soon. The story of a monster boy who begins his journey as an orb is at its peak. And about to end with a few episodes left. Let’s see what awaits Fushi and his new friends in the recent development of To Your Eternity. Fushi recently saved the island with the help of the citizens and defeated the Nokkers. Tonari throws a banquet for everyone in the evening, and Fushi enjoys drinking the cow’s blood.

The children’s talked about their dreams, but Fushi had no clues since there is more that he needs to learn. But his goal is to singlehandedly defeat the Nokker and prevent death from haunting them. The battle with the Nokkers brought change to Fushi’s life, and his relationship with Tonari and the others has played an essential role in his life. Fushi promised Tonari that he would win the tournament so that they can leave the island. The next day the next round of the match begins.

Fushi encounters a lady who is responsible for killing Parona and March. He notices that Hayase believed in sacrificing humans to the Divine Beast that they consider a God in the past. Fushi gets furious and changes attacks with Hayase. Hayase uses all the weapons, but she had no match against Fushi. Fushi wonders why Hayase is here and told her that she has come to die. Hayase reveals what he did to Parona and said Parana’s body is a gift to Fushi. She uses a middle and puts Fushi to sleep since he is an immortal.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 17

The episode title is ”The Defeated.” Tonari comments that Fushi can’t lose that way, and the little girl realizes that there won’t be freedom if Fushi fails.  Fushi is still unconscious, but he tried to wake and realizes that he got immobilized. The crowd wonders what is happening, and they waited for the immortal boy who brought the fight they want to see to wake up, but Fushi failed to regain consciousness. The armored ring announcer announces that the intense battle has ended.

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

The fans can give applaud the winner of the tournament Hayase. Hayase begins her speech and claims that Fushi belongs to her. She said that she came from Yanamo and apologized for allowing herself the liberty of joining the competition. But she wants the people of Janada to hear something since they are all here to protect the immortal boy. Hayase begins to cook up stories claiming that she finds Fushi five years ago in a feral state. Fushi couldn’t speak for half a year, and she also said it is her who takes care of Fushi.

Hayase told the crowd that Fushi ran away from home since he was immature. But she desperately searched for him and found him here after hearing the rumors. Tonari believes that Hayase is lying, and Hayase talked about Fushi’s abilities and how he fought with other monsters. The crowd begins to think that Fushi is the savior from heaven, and God heard their prayers. Hayase robs the citizens to join her and form an army, and Tonari will be the leader. Later Fushi wakes up and finds the truth about Hayase. Tonari escaped and vows that she will be with Fushi in the future.

To Your Eternity Episode 18 Release Date

To Your Eternity: Episode 18 release date is Monday, 16 August 2021, at 10:50 PM. You can get the episode early by converting the time above if you are not around Japan. To Your Eternity is left with two a single episode to conclude the episode finale. Let’s look at what To Your Eternity preview is below.

Where To Watch To Your Eternity Episode 18?

You can watch To Your Eternity Episode 18 online on Crunchyroll. To Your Eternity has official websites and Twitter accounts. You can access the latest update about the anime online. The new episodes of To Your Eternity are available with English subtitles. You can look at To Your Eternity-Episode 17: Preview And Recap.

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