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Spoilers & Recap: To Your Eternity Episode 14

To Your Eternity
To Your Eternity

Today we’ll be talking about To Your Eternity Episode 14. The show finally has returned from break; let’s find more about Fushi and the new enemies call the Nokkers. From the recent episode, Fushi and Gugu battle with the Nokkers and managed to defeat the enemy. But the enemy comes back and kills Fushi, who regenerated; the war went intense, and Gugu ends up dying. Gugu’s brother arrives a took Gugu away, and everyone mourns Gugu’s death. Rean realizes that she has lost someone she loves. No one expects Gugu to die in that manner.

Rean arrives and reunites with him, wondering what has happened since they know that he is dead. Meanwhile, Fushi wonders why his life has turned like this where he can’t live in peace, and he keeps on fighting with the monsters and keeps on losing the one he loves. Fushi is not aware of Gugu and thinks that he failed everyone. It has been four days ever since Fushi left Booze Man’s home. He walked alone, trying different expressions to process his feelings. Gugu’s death has affected Fushi, who called out his makers.

Fushi’s makers appear and ask him why he summoned them. The episode title is ”Aspiring to Go Higher.” Fushi asks his makers about his next step, and they told him to move forward. The makers told him to become stronger and take back what got taken from him. Fushi asks what he is and why they need him, and they said to him that he is the mechanism for collecting and preserving the information of this land. They also remind him that they created him for a purpose.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 13

Fushi wonders why he is alive, and Gugu has died, and the makers told him that it is too early for him to understand. They remind him about the Nokkers that want to control him. Fushi wonders if the Nokkers will stop coming if he is not himself. The makers wonder what Fushi intends to do. Fushi turns himself into fruit by the makers turn him back. They realize that running away from a problem won’t solve anything.

The makers remind Fushi that they will have their way with him if they Nokkers arrive in that form. If Fushi continues to lose, he will return to the orb. Fushi asks the makers why can’t they fight and let him live in peace. The makers explain why they can’t battle and say that they won’t stop attacking until they stop the Nokker from killing them. Only Fushi is the one who can stop them, and no one can defeat them except for him.

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Fushi and the Nokkers

The makers remind Fushi that their time is limited, and one day they won’t be around. Fushi will face things by himself, and he must prepare to face the enemies alone. He tried to touch the makers who turn him into a snowy wolf and said if Gugu is dead, he won’t care what happens to him. Fushi felt something and runs in that direction and met with Piorah. She told Fushi that he came to Takunaha, hoping she could help Fushi.

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity – Episode 13 Still

Piorah said she wants to travel with Fushi, who asks about the others and the Booze Man. Piorah replies that she has told them that Rean and Shin promised they would keep the business running. Rean has figured out what happened to Gugu and Fushi. Fushi turned to a boy and told Piorah to head back to the village. Piorah asks if he is rejecting the old lady’s wish. Fushi reminds her that danger always follows him. Piorah replied that she has nothing in life and she is too old.

Fushi refused to travel with her and told her that he is tired of seeing people crying. The two end up traveling together. They traveled for three days while venting anger towards each other. On the fourth day, Fushi talked with Piorah and asked her to promise him something, and she must not die during their journey. They arrive d in a nearby own and Piorah enjoys eating food. Later Fushi met with a girl who told him about the fighting arena. When should fans expect To Your Eternity Episode 14?

To Your Eternity Episode 14 Release Date

To Your Eternity Episode 14 release date is set for 19 July 2021, at 10:50 PM JST. You will be able to watch To Your Eternity online on  Crunchyroll.

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