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Tiktok Account Banned? Know How to Unban Your Tiktok Account


It’s 2021, and TikTok has become one of the leading social media platforms. Now, as the present year 2021 is concerned, the social networking site has over 2 billion users worldwide. Every day, one new user gets acquainted with this app. Especially during this pandemic situation, people are trying to find their solace in apps like this, which keeps them away from boredom, and they can also enhance their creative skills in front of the public. However, while showing our creative skills sometimes, it gets against community guidelines. As a result, the consequence can lead to the ban of the account. In this article, you will get to know how to unban your Tiktok account and much more information regarding the app.

From the time Tiktok was launched in 2016, the app developed a huge market for itself not only in Asia but across different parts of the world. However, in 2017, the model was launched mainly for countries outside the Chinese market and was accessible throughout the world only after collaborating with Developed by the Chinese company ByteDance, this app is immensely popular among all masses. Though mainly among the youth. People mainly make 15 or 30 seconds videos and instill their creative content in it.


Tiktok App Logo

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How To Get A Tiktok Account Unbanned?

There are various reasons why an account on Tiktok can be banned. Firstly, it may be because of liking content too many times which can let the app think that you are a bot. Secondly, it may be because your content violates the community guidelines or hurts the sentiments of people. Thirdly, if your content contains hate speech or any type of bullying or harassment, then also your account can get banned.

Now to revive your Tiktok account, you primarily need to make a new account so that you can address the app about the problem that you are facing. After that, go to the top right corner of the app, and there you will find an option called report a problem. Post that, an option of feedback will appear, and there you need to mention your problem. Give a piece of detailed information about the problem that you are facing without mentioning any personal details. After this, hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

However, this can only happen if Tiktok, by mistake, takes down any of your videos from your channel. If you have clearly and knowingly violated their community guidelines or promoted hate speech-like stuff, then even if you go through this process, your account may not be revived.

Tiktok Headquarters

Tiktok Headquarters at Culver City

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How To Create An Account On Tiktok?

Also known as Douyin in China, this app is massively popular among the majority of people.

To create a new Tiktok account, Firstly, download the app from playstore. Then after opening the app, click on the profile button, and the option of Sign Up will appear. Secondly, to complete the process, you can use your mobile number or email address according to your preferences. If you are on any other social media platforms, then you can connect to that account and Sign Up through that. Next certain information is required, like your birth date. After fulfilling all these requirements, you will receive a verification code from the app itself and, with its help, complete your Sign Up process. After all this, your Tiktok account will be generated.

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Recent Trends

This app is known for its short videos. People share their content within a very short span of time. Since the time of its launch, there have been various trends that have dominated this platform. Some of the latest trends in 2021 are  That Wasn’t Real, Freezing Honey, The Olympics, among others.

There are some countries where Tiktok is not available. However, no need to worry. You can make videos on Instagram by using its feature Instagram Reels.

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