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This Week In Anime: What to Look Out For?


With a brand new season to watch anime already on the way, we already have a glimpse of what we will get for the remainder of the Fall 2021 Anime list. All of the anime slated for this season have already released their episode 1. So now it is a matter of what will come next as the shows look to keep consistency from their debut episodes. 

Although some did not appear surprising, we can still watch a few more episodes to follow and see how things will improve, especially for the newcomer anime like The Far Away Paladin that will be bringing us an anime adaptation for the first time. Usually, most anime you could watch don’t get straight to the action with intense scenes. Rather they build up slowly, especially if they are going to have a 24 episode season.

We mostly have anime that will run for only 12 episodes for this season, as is usually the norm. But a few others like Demon Slayer will take us up to almost 20 episodes with seven additional episodes adapted to accommodate the plot from the movie Infinite Train Arc.

For the year-round anime like One Piec and Boruto, the norm continues as it usually does. But for this week, each anime has seen an intense development of action as the raid finally starts in Onigashima. On the contrary, the leaf has emerged victorious in their battle with Isshiki, so this means that we will have a short period of cal. These two shows will be a delight to watch, so let’s see how the rest of the schedule is lined up.

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Komi Can’t Communicate

Watch Anime: Upcoming Episodes for the Week

Usually, if you watch anime without skipping episodes, like on a daily basis. You might have realized already that the usual trend continues, and this season we still have a lot of anime over the weekend with fewer shows broadcasting during weekdays. As such, we don’t have as much anime that you could watch during the week. 

But as you wait for the weekend released, there is several anime you can watch that will be worth your efforts. Let’s wrap up the best anime to watch this week as we wait for the grand opening of the wano raid by the scabbards over the weekend.

Card Fight Vanguard Season 2 Episode 1 Opens up the week. Together with a few other shows that we will look at soon. This anime will be amongst the ones you will watch on Mondays. It also brings up some nostalgia if you have been a Yu Gi Oh fan back in the days. 

AMAIM Warrior At The Borderline anime makes its debut. This is one of the newcomer’s shows for the season. So it will be broadcasting its first-ever anime adaptation.

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The Faraway Paladin

Takt Op Destiny is amongst the anime on their debut season. It is based on a video game of the same name and will be taking the Monday broadcasting slot as well. 

Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside continues as we look forward to the release of its episode 3. If you are ever looking for anime similar to The Rising of Shield Hero, this anime brings a similar atmosphere. But in this case, our main character is not deceived but rather banished as he tries to live a trouble-free life that has nothing to do with Heroes and fighting.

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat will continue with the Wednesday broadcast slot for this season. We won’t have many anime midweeks. But this anime will make up for it by its interesting story and build-up. Usually, anime like this one is worth watching as you wait for the week to pass by for the popular anime to broadcast new episodes.

Muv Luv alternative makes its debut as it closes Wednesday’s anime broadcasts. As the weekend approaches, we will get more episodes, with Thursday and Friday seeing an increased number of anime episodes broadcasted.

Komi Can’t Communicate continues with a new episode. This short anime will show us more about Komi and Tadano as Komi tries all she can to try and be as social as she can. 

Shaman King episode 27 will mark the late release for the week with a Thursday episode release. We have only passed halfway through the scheduled episodes of the anime, so we still have a lot to expect from the anime.

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Shaman King

Sakugan episode 2 will see the anime return with yet another episode this week. Scheduled for only 12 episodes this season, we should soon see how the anime continues to build up its plot, with the next episode set for a Thursday release.

Platinum End is set to release its second episode this week as well. The debut of the anime last week was phenomenal, and we got to see what kind of an anime this one will be. Centered around angels who are tasked with finding the next God candidate. Next, we should see how the rest of the candidates fare as we have only seen one of them in action at this point.

Ranking of Kings anime makes its debut this Thursday. As the name and the synopsis of the anime suggest. We should soon see how the anime’s debut will be. You will be able to watch Raking of Kings this Thursday, but its release is set for later in the day.

Weekend Anime Releases

Pokemon 2019 continues with its Friday episodes broadcast as usual, with episode 84 set to release next. This will be followed by Blue Period episode 4, which takes the slice of life anime genre to a different level.

Visual Prison episode 2 and  Taisho Otome Fairy Tale episode 2 will cover the remainder of the weekdays’ anime as we brace for the weekend releases that will be action-packed.

We expect a great deal of anime episodes over the weekend, with animes like Boruto, One Piece, and Demon Slayer all releasing new episodes. Each of these anime will be showing us its greatest moments so far, with Demon Slayer having returned in a new style. This weekend’s anime list continues as follows:

Yashahime Princess The Second act continues; this time, the anime returns for more episodes, and we are still unsure how long it will run. The total number of episodes that Yashahime Princess season 2 will have are not yet officially released. We expect more information about this season to be released in due time as well. 

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Yashime Princess

Other notable anime that will release new episodes this weekend include the ongoing Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai with an early Saturday broadcast schedule.

The Far Away Paladin has brought us another spectacle similar to Jobless reincarnation. There are many anime that you can reference after only seeing one episode from The Far Away Paladin. This includes shows like The Philosopher’s Grand Child and The Eighth Son. So we should be able to see how things go as we are yet to explore more areas in this anime. 

Build Divide will mark yet another one of the weekend anime releases, followed by My Senpai is annoying. Now we have another one of those similar to Uzaki Chan, and Please Don’t Bully me Nagatoro. So if you were looking for more anime like them, then you have something to look out for this season as well. 

86 Eighty-Six part 2 or Eighty-Six season two as some refer to it. The anime returned on the weekend slot and will continue from where the previous episodes left off. Saturday will see a late release of new episodes from World Trigger Season 3. The anime has returned to adapt Osamu’s journey as Tamakoma 2 fights for a spot in the away missions. Things have settled down for now, but it’s just a matter of time before we get down to more action.

As usual, the earliest anime release of Sunday is One Piece. But unfortunately for the fans, One Piece anime is going on a break together with the manga this week. So you will not get One Piece episode 996 this weekend but rather on the weekend of the 24th of September together with a new manga chapter. 

As things have heated up last weekend and we finally got the official start of the Wano raid that we had been waiting for. We have to wait for year another week, and the absence of a new manga chapter might just make the wait feel twice as long. 

One Piece


Digimon Ghost Game will keep you occupied throughout the weekend as it continues with its second episode. The anime has adapted a Pokemon-like style, and coming from Toei Animation, the difference in animation from Pokemon is not that much. 

Looking at another one of the anime’s that would have your blood boiling, Fena The Pirate Princess will take things to climax as it will release a new episode this weekend as well. Shikamaru and Fena will have things turn against them as they have made enemies out of the Goblins this time. 

Boruto Naruto Next Generations  Episode 220 will follow later on Sunday, and unlike One Piece, it will have more action coming our way. With Ishiki finally defeated and Code is the only threat that remains. The leaf has some time to recover from the damage that Ishiki has caused. But since Naruto and Sasuke have lost their most powerful weapons, the time is ideal since we will see the Chuunin exams once again.

The week will be closed by anime like The Night Beyond Tricornered Window, Tesla NoteMieruko Chan, while Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Arc episode 2 will be the icing on the cake as we get to see the Fire Hashira in action. Things seem to be getting intense on that end. In contrast, fans expected the anime to get straight into the manga action. The first seven episodes will center around the Mugen Train movie and connect its plot to the main storyline of the manga. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 220


That’s how the second week of the Fall 2021 anime list will end. At this point, we have already watched at least one episode of each anime. So you already have a feel about what you should expect next. The weekend slot has been braced with more interesting shows even though anime like Fena The Pirate princess is a remainder from the previous season. 

The end of My Hero Academia last season opened a slot for Demon Slayer, and it will be joining Boruto and One Piece as one of the anime to anticipate each week. Looking over the horizons, the Winter 2021 anime list is getting more shows. Mainly from those that were supposed to debut this season, like World’s End harem.

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