Origin of The Strongest Warrior Jiren The Grey

jiren origin

Jiren got this colossal amount of Ki, according to the spoilers from different outlets. Even Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue x 20 was proven to be ineffective against Jiren’s enormous power. Jiren might be the most powerful opponent that Goku will ever face. He is Universe 11’s ace warrior after all. In this first round of Goku vs Jiren fight, there is no doubt that Jiren will win.

Dragon Ball Super October 2017 Episode Schedule

But aside from knowing that this Pride Trooper is very powerful, we have no clue on who Jiren is and what is his past. We don’t even know his real ability, unlike Gok’s other opponent in the past. That’s why there is a big hype about Jiren’s ability because this is the first time that a powerful opponent like Jiren will appear in the Dragon Ball series.

What is Jiren’s past? Where is he from? Is there any other Jiren the Gray out there? What is the source of his power and what is his other abilities? There are just so many things that are still unknown about Jiren. But I am more interested in his origins.

There is a theory right now that Jiren is Belmod’s puppet. Belmod somehow manages to transfer energy into Jiren and Jiren uses it in the battle. This explains why Jiren is so strong and so strange at the same time. It is revealed that Belmod can communicate with Jiren telepathically


I have a theory about Jiren’s origin. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and I think this is possibly Jiren’s past story. I think Jiren was from a planet which was set to be destroyed by Belmond. Belmond has this habit of visiting a planet and mingling with its inhabitants before he destroys it, as seen in the manga. Jiren might’ve been one inhabitant of such unfortunate worlds, and he met Belmond while he is on one of his visits.

Belmod might have seen Jiren’s potential as a fighter and decided to save him before destroying his planet. That is why Jiren was called “Jiren The Gray” because he is the last of his kind that still exists in the vast universe. This also explains why Jiren does not show any emotion because he was traumatized by what happened to his whole race, kind of like Vegeta if you ask me.

That’s the reason why Toppo and the others are spouting “justice” all the time because they believe in Belmod’s philosophy. While Jiren is usually a quiet fellow and he never even strikes a pose when the Pride Troopers are all together.


Who Is Going To Give Goku Energy For Spirit Bomb In Next Episode?

The Spirit Bomb is Goku’s last resort for enemies that cannot be defeated by strength alone. It was a one for all – all for one attack that (failed to) destroyed some of the nastiest villains of the Dragon Ball series. It was also an attack that only Goku is able to do among the Z-warriors.

The latest preview of Dragon Ball Super showed Goku’s first bout against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. He was seen using a Spirit Bomb while on his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20. He made a Spirit Bomb with a considerable size of energy, and Jiren’s not moving at all to avoid the killer technique.

Where will Goku gather the energy needed to throw a spirit bomb that size at the first place? He could not use the help of all the living things of Universe 7 (though I am curious how big of a spirit bomb that would be.) Even the benched baldies cannot help Goku this time because the Universe 7 will be erased immediately if they did.

And because of this new rule of no outside interference, Zeno will not bend his own rule. So Zenos will not lend their energy to Goku. Other participants could be convinced to lend them energy as Jiren is really a threat to their survival. If this is the case, I can see Universe 6 lending a fraction of their energy to Goku immediately. Goku’s teammates can also be the source of the spirit bomb energy. But you can’t really expect Frieza to…