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Preview: The Witch’s Diner Episode 3

The Witch's Diner episode 3
Ongoing South Korean drama, The Witch's Diner

The Witch’s Diner is presently an ongoing South Korean television series. The Witch’s Diner Episode 3 Release Date and Preview is something we will be taking up today. The drama opened up quite great and has already aired 2 of its episodes. This is a short series and, with a total of just 8 episodes will soon go off the air. The drama airs two episodes per week on the same day, which is Friday. The witch’s diner is a dark fantasy drama and focuses on the life of its three main characters.

The drama opened on quite a good note and within the blink of an eye, has already released the first two of its episodes. The Kdramas are on full trend these days, not just in their country but even the entire world. The new and unique plots introduced by these dramas is what captivates the audience.

The Witch's Diner episode 3 release date and preview

Still from the drama, The Witch’s Diner.

The drama, The witch’s diner is adapted from the novel “The Witch’s Diner” by Go Sang Hee. The series in detail tells us the stores of people who have a lot of wishes for themselves and hence grabs the opportunity when given the chance. These people are desperate enough and hence come by to eat a magical dish in order to get their personal desires fulfilled. They are willing to give it all, even at the expense of their own souls. The drama is quite unique and creates a magical and mysterious aura around it which hence attracts the attention of the viewers. But before digging in any deeper, let’s take a look at The Witch’s Diner Episode 3 Release Date, its preview, and more on its cast.

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When Will The Witch’s Diner Episode 3 Release?

The Witch’s Diner Episode 3 will release on 23rd July 2021. The drama will air on its original network, which is TVN, at the 16:00 time slot. The drama airs two episodes every week on the same day, that is Friday, and this week will release two more of its episode installments. The Witch’s Diner aired its first episode on 16th July 2021 and will soon go off the air on 6th August 2021. While the duration of each episode of the drama is approximately 60mins. The dark fantasy drama is seeming to be quite very interesting with its initial release. It first two episodes of the drama have just laid the basic foundation, and further how the drama proceeds will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

The Witch's Diner episode 3 release date

A still from the drama, The Witch’s Diner

The drama has three main characters namely, Jo Hee Ra, Jung Jin, and Lee Gil Yong. Song Ji Hyo has been cast for playing the role of Jo Hee Ra. While Nam Ji Hyun is playing is the role of Jung Jin. And the role of Lee Gil Yong is being played by Chae Jong Hyeop. The drama can also be watched easily online, on the streaming site Viki along with subtitles. The drama, The Witch’s Diner has been directed by So Jae Hyun. The series is also popularly known as Manyeosikdangeuro Oseyo and Welcome to the Witch’s Restaurant. The screenwriting of the drama has been done under Lee Young Sook. While the genres of the drama include drama, fantasy, and Dark fantasy.

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Preview: The Witch’s Diner Episode 3

The Witch’s Diner Episode 3 preview has already been released by the production. The 3rd episode of the drama will resume from where it left off in the last. The preview below shows us a peek of what can we expect from the upcoming episode of the drama. The 3rd episode of the drama will also reveal some secrets about Jung Jin.

The Witch's Diner episode 3 preview

A still from the drama, The Witch’s Diner

While people who have taken it all finally give in to the magical dish in order to get their wishes fulfilled. While Jung Jin also asks the question if something happened to her in childhood. Now that the game has finally begun, let’s see the power of the magical dish and how much sacrifice does it take in return.

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