The Witcher Season 2 Ending Explained: The Hunt For Ciri Begins

Ending Of The Witcher Season 2
From The Witcher Season 2 Featuring Henry Cavill as Geralt Of Rivia and Freya Allan as Ciri

The Witcher Season 2 officially came to the Netflix screens after a two-year gap and multiple delays. Covid-19 halted the long-awaited show butt it returned with a different approach to tell the story. The show focused a lot on present times and individual character arcs and at the same time gave us cues from the anime movie The Witcher: The Nightmare Of The Wolf. So take a look at the same here we are recapping The Witcher Season 2 and how towards the ending we saw every other person out there hunting for Ciri.

The Witcher Season 2 starring Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra sees their respective characters in different places in the show before coming together. Geralt spent time trying to keep Ciri safe. Their reunion in a way was destiny while Yennefer saw herself coming across a demon imprisoned by The Witchers a long time ago who is looking forward to breaking free. Especially since she heard Ciri’s scream that broke the monolith near Cintra. The same demon manages to manipulate most of the characters this season which brings us to the show’s ending. Here is a look at what went down.

The Witcher Season 2 Recap

So, The Witcher Season 2 picks up after the war of Sodden. Geralt of Rivia found himself taking care of Ciri who has the unmatched potential of powers and seems like everyone wants her. The reason is the fact that she could be a very strong asset but at the same time, Geralt also acknowledges the apocalypse she could bring upon the world.

The entire season saw him training Ciri hoping she would take control of her powers. Meanwhile, we also found out that originally presumed to be dead, Yennefer is still alive as Fringilla finds her. By this time, Yennefer had lost all her magic and was no less than a normal being.

Story Of The Witcher Season 2
From The Witcher Season 2 Featuring Ciri

Both Yennefer and Fringilla come across Francesca Findabair, the queen of Elves of Dol Blathanna. Francesca Findabair, Yennefer, and Fringilla found themselves sharing similar dreams and this sees them crossing paths with Voleith Meir, The Deathless Mother who is also a demon. All Voleith Meir was doing was manipulating them. She saw herself taking forms for each one of them. Francesca was finally about to give a baby while Fringilla had to encourage herself to take power by aligning herself with the Elves.

Unlike both of them, Yennefer took her time but she was promised her powers back by bringing Ciri to the monolith Ciri broke near Cintra. This saw Yennefer in a difficult position to reconsider where her loyalties belong. She tagged along with Geralt and Ciri suggesting that she is there to help Ciri control her powers. It was a matter of time, the revelation had to come forward. Yennefer decided to confess the actual reason but it still was considered a betrayal.

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The Witcher Season 2 Ending Explained: The Motives Of Voleith Meir

The story of Voleith Meir had a lot to do with what Vesemir had to tell to Ciri. It also takes cues from the prequel anime film The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf. The movie in a way saw how The Witchers created monsters to fight save people and earn their living. Here, the story goes that, long back the witchers had imprisoned her. The only way for her to escape is to fill herself with pain, desperation, anger, or anything negative. So, in a way she was leading Yennefer, Fringilla, and Fransesca to their fall.

Who is Voleith meir?
From The Witcher Season 2 Featuring Anya Chalotra as Yennefer and Ania Marson as Voleith Meir

Yennefer lost the trust of Geralt and Ciri. Then Francesca did have a baby but it is later killed. Coming to Fringilla, she did take over the power with a  little help from Cahir. But towards the end, Emperor Emhyr saw through the lies of Fringilla and had ordered the kill of Francesca’s baby. This led Fransesca to kill every baby in Redania who she believes is responsible for it, not Nilfgaard. Emperor Emhyr also ordered his guards to take Fringilla and Cahir away when they were no use to him.

All of this pain and sorrow filled Voleith Meir who doesn’t have a physical form and is an entity. She did break free but needed a body as a vessel for herself. So she found her home inside Ciri’s body. She had been looking forward to this ever since she heard Ciri’s scream near the monolith at Cintra. Now, while pain and suffering filled Voleith Meir, it was anger and revenge on her mind that shaped her next steps moving on. With that, her only goal was to take revenge on the first class of The Witchers who imprisoned her in the first place as we come to the ending of The Witcher Season 2.

Battling Ciri

After finding herself inside Ciri’s body, slowly and steadily Ciri started killing The Witchers in their deep sleep. She used the same weapon Vesemir had shown Ciri which Voleith used years ago to kill the first Witchers. With every Witcher down, Vesemir saw his urge to kill Ciri but Geralth believed there was another way. He tried to call for Ciri inside out but Voleith Meir had trapped Ciri in an alternate dream world where she is happily living her life with her family and loved ones.

Meanwhile, outside, with the help, of Citi’s unmatched powers, Voileth Meir saw herself creating portals that brought otherworldly creatures into this world. Vesemir spent no time stabbing Ciri but with the power of all that pain and suffering, Voleith Meir managed to heal Ciri. This saw the group of Witchers opt for other ways. Yennefer stood up as a sacrifice offering herself for Voleith Meir. Hoping to fill in for her betrayal initially in the episode.

The War Between The Witchers and Ciri
From The Witcher Season 2 Featuring Freya Allan as Ciri

Voleith Meir does transfer herself into Yennefer and with that Yeneffer also receives her powers back as we can see her eyes changing their colors. Meanwhile, Ciri comes to her senses and the dreams she was in saw her loved ones vanishing except for her father. This is a nod to a big revelation towards the end that Emperor Emhyr is none other than Ciri’s father. Someone who everyone thought died with his wife on a sea voyage.

Towards the ending of The Witcher Season 2, Ciri opens another portal taking Yeneffer and Geralt with her in order to save Yeneffer for Voleith Meir. The trio founds themselves in front of The Wild Hunt. Voleith Meir quickly shifts to one of the Wild Hunt’s bodies as they want Ciri to be on their side. But before they could do anything, the trio manages to escape and come back to their world which is called The Continent.

The Reason Everyone Will Have Their Eyes On Ciri Now

Well for some the reason would be obvious with the powers of the Ciri has. For the likes of Emperor Emhyr, the only reason he could want her is the fact that she is his daughter. We are also looking forward to how Ciri would react to her father being alive. Meanwhile, the Kings and Mages want someone to fill in for the throne of Cintra as well.

The Ending of The Witcher Season 2 Explained
From The Witcher Season 2 Featuring Freya Allan as Ciri

Now, more importantly, the elves now see Ciri as their elder. One of the scenes where Ciri was in her subconscious mind told her that she is a descendant of an elve named Lara Dorren. So, Lara Dorren was an elve who fell in love with a human mage with whom she had a baby.

Both the elves and humans didn’t accept this union which led to the ill-treatment of Lara who died placing a curse that her tenth generation will come haunting them breaking through space and time. Fenn in an episode talked about the same curse in conversation with Istredd. So basically now the elves want her too as there is a prophecy that suggests that Ciri, Hen Ikeir, as in the elder blood will be the one to save them. Also, let’s not forget the Wild Hunt everyone is looking forward is coming for her as well joined by Voleith Meir. So Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri might find themselves fighting multiple enemies if the Witcher Season 3 arrives.

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