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The Veil Episode 10: Release Date & Spoilers

The Veil Episode 10
The Veil Korean Drama 201

It seems The Veil Episode 10 will bring a new twist to the plotline. Finally, Ji Hyuk and Je Yi have discovered more about Sangmuhoe. Their chemistry as a team is loved by fans. However, the upcoming episode will create a drift between their relationship. They really lack trust yet, the two have come so far. Even though Ji Hyuk does not trust anyone, including Je Yi, she always seems to return to his side in the end. This is what makes their relationship charming. Also, we have received a new clue about Je Yi’s father. Like Je Yi, many fans are sure that Baek Mo Sa is her father. Only the writer knows the truth. However, the next episode will clear this doubt. 

The Kdrama has shown excellent performance until now, and fans are expecting the same quality till the end. The remaining episodes are going to be heavy and more intense. Ji Hyuk has found the spy. But is the truth really that simple? At this point, it is hard to turn things into black and white only. Everything seems gray. However, we will get accurate answers soon as Ji Hyuk’s memories seem to come back. Therefore, The Veil Episode 10 will also show more about what Do Jin Sook hiding, what Kang Pil Ho is doing behind everyone’s back, and Je Yi’s father’s real identity.

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The Veil Episode 10 Release Date

The Veil Episode 10 will be released on 16 October 2021 at 10 pm KST on MBC TV. The drama is almost near its ending. From Episode 1 till now, it has brought numerous twists and turns. Since The Veil is scheduled is for 12 episodes, the remaining episodes will clear many suspicions. The countdown has begun, and all Ji Hyuk has to do is run against time and find the mastermind. The upcoming episode will be more intense and complicated. Thus, watch the new episode of The Veil Korean drama on Friday and Saturday on the MBC TV channel.

The Veil Episode 10

The Veil featuring Yoo Je Ji

Watch The Veil Kdrama Ep 10 Online- Streaming Details

Viewers from South Korea can watch The Veil Episode 10 on MBC TV at 10 pm KST. The Veil is also available on an online streaming site Wavve which is accessible only in South Korea. As for international fans, The Veil Korean drama is available on Viki and Kocowa. However, remember that Kocowa is only for viewers in South and North America.

What To Expect In Ep 10 Of The Veil?

The previous episodes have uncovered various secrets, and more are coming in The Veil Episode 10. Finally, Je Yi and Ji Hyuk are working together. However, it seems Ji Hyuk is still skeptical of her and even installs the tracking app on her mobile. This will create trust issues between the two. Do Jin Sook will reveal the tracking app incident to Je Yi. Thus, that will upset Je Yi. It seems she will cut off their ties and stop helping Ji Hyuk in the upcoming episodes. Ji Hyuk will even warn her she should choose a side carefully, or the next time they may meet as enemies. It may sound like a warning but, it clearly shows that Ji Hyuk needs Je Yi’s help. Somehow she is the only one he seems to trust even though no matter how many times he decides not to. Also, Ji Hyuk will get some of his memories back. It will help find the real mastermind.

The Veil Episode 10

The Veil featuring Baek Mo Sa

However, Je Yi will choose to leave his side and be with Deputy Commissioner Lee’s team. It is too early to comment because we all know Je Yi is a loyal person. Maybe all of it is just acting to deceive them and find some secrets. Also, we will get to see more about Baek Mo Sa. It appears that he may be Je Yi’s father. According to the previous episodes, Do Jin Sook sold off Director Yoo Joon Man aka Je Yi’s father, to get information about the secret mission. How much of this is true will only time tell. Ji Hyuk will trace down Baek Mo Sa, and they will have a face-off. Ji Hyuk will find more about Kim Dong Wook. It will reveal the reasons as to why Baek Mo Sa is doing all of this and Dong Wook’s association in it. Thus, watch The Veil Episode 10 to know what more secrets are bound to reveal and how a new twist will alter the storyline.

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