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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer Manga: The Twelve Kizuki and Their Abilities Explained

Demon Slayer
Demon slayer

Demon slayers protect people from the biggest threat: Demons. The anime focuses majorly on Tanjiro Kamado, a Demon Slayer. Among the Demon Slayers are elite warriors, Hashira (called Pillars in the dubbed version). A Demon Slayer qualifies to attain the rank of a Hashira by killing either 50 demons or killing one of the Kizuki. Like Hashira that are elite Demon Slayers, the Kizuki hold a similar place among Demons. The twelve Kizuki (called Moons in the English dub) form a faction of demons who are stronger than common demons. Their strength comes from consuming a higher amount of blood from their creator, Muzan. The twelve kizuki and their abilities pose as a major barricade between Tanjiro and Muzan.

Spoilers Ahead

Jūnikizuki is divided into six Jogen (upper moon demons) and six Kagen (lower moon demons). The upper moon demons are stronger and haven’t been replaced for a century. But, the lower moon demons are often targeted by the Demon Slayers, and hence they keep getting replaced. 

In episode 10 of the anime and chapter 19 of the manga, it is revealed that the Kizuki have a number addressing their rank engraved on one of their eyeballs. This might be the case of lower moons, but for the upper moons, both of their eyeballs are engraved. On one eye, they carry the number of their rank, and on the other the kanji for upper rank, “上弦” which translates to Jogen.

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The Demon Slayer story has some brilliant characters. While the heroes might be a majority’s favorite, the antagonists are phenomenal too. Here’s a list of all the twelve Kizuki and their abilities explained.

Lower Moon 6

The rank was held by two demons before the Lower moons were completely dismantled. The first holder of the rank was Kyogai, and its successor was Kamanue.


Lower demon 6, Kyogai

Former Lower Moon 6: Kyogai.

Also known as the Drum Demon, Kyogai is one of the initial antagonists to appear in the series. He is the only known demon to have been revoked of his rank in the twelve Kizuki. When Muzan saw no more use of Kyogai as he had reached his limit, he saw it fit to remove him from the ranks. 

Kyogai has multiple drums attached to different parts of his body. Playing these drums gives him the ability to alter his surroundings as per his wish. He has a drum on his left and right shoulder, each of which can make the room rotate left or right, respectively. Another drum on his left leg and right leg makes the room rotate forward and backward respectively. A drum on his navel lets him attack his opponents with claws. The final drum on his back gives him the ability to transport himself or his opponent to another room. 

Kyogai can increase the speed of his claw attacks by rapidly playing the drums.


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Lower demon 6: Kamanue.

Not much is known about Kamanue as he was killed off by Muzan almost immediately on his appearance. After hearing Kamanue’s thoughts during the meeting, Muzan eats him in a second. 

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Lower Moon 5: Rui

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


The Lower Moon 5 among the 12 Kizuki was Rui. Rui held an obsession with growing a family, which probably grew from his guilt of killing his parents. Being a member of the Twelve Kizuki, he was very strong and could last longer in battles than average demons. He possessed the power of enhancing weaker demons and giving them abilities similar to his by giving them some of his blood. He makes use of this power to create the spider family. Rui can also alter the physical appearance using Cell manipulation. He uses threads for combat and manipulates them to his advantage. This ability is similar to the rest of the Spider Family but, his threads are far stronger. They can even break a Nichirin sword. Rui uses his thread manipulation ability to create webs, cages, and wheels of thread that can cut his opponent to pieces.

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Lower Moon 4: Mukago

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


Very little is known about Mukago. We never had a chance to see her skills and abilities as she was killed by Muzan before we could. During Muzan’s rampage after Rui’s death, Makugo falls prey to his rage. Unable to see any potential in her, Muzan kills her off during the meeting.

Lower Moon 3: Wakuraba

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


Among the Lower Moons that Muzan killed prior to dismantling the faction forever was Wakuraba. Being the third-ranked Lower Moon it is obvious that he had enhanced strength. Ranking above Rui too, meant that Wakuraba was stronger than Rui. Wakuraba decides to flee from Muzan but is instantly killed off. His skills and abilities are not completely known. However, Wakuraba shows enhanced speed during his appearance, which could be one of his major abilities as a Lower Moon 3.

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Lower Moon 2

There are two known second-ranking Lower Moon. The first demon was Hairo. After Hairo’s death, the second rank was inherited by Rokuro.


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Former Lower Moon 2, Hairo.

Hairo does not make an appearance in the original series. He does, however, play the role of the major antagonist in Kyujurou Rengoku’s Gaiden, a spin-off manga centering around the Flame Hashira. Hairo is depicted as a sadist due to his messed-up lifestyle as a human. As a human, Hairo was skilled at torturing, an ability he inherited from his Demon form too. Hairo’s choice of weapon was a gun. He was an expert marksman and swordsman. Being a demon, he had high regenerative abilities. 

Hairo’s prime ability as a demon was his ability to create multiple numbers of shadows from his blood. He could use these shadows to reduce damage. He could also store multiple weapons in them and use them to trigger his weapons against an enemy. Hairo shaped the shadows into wolves that assisted him in battles. His key move was gathering all his shadows to himself to transform into a wolf made of his shadows. 


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Lower Moon 2: Rokuro.

As the ranks go higher, the Twelve Kizuki and their abilities get stronger too. Judging from the fact, Lower Moon 2, Rokuro had to be very strong. He dies along with Mukago, Kamanue, and Wakuraba after requesting some amount of Muzan’s blood. Standing in the same rank, he was perhaps as strong as Hairo. 

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Lower Moon 1: Enmu

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


Out of the six lower demons, Enmu is the only one to survive Muzan’s wrath. As expected from a rank 1 Lower Moon, Enmu displays superior strength. One of his major abilities was his ability to manipulate other people’s dreams. He could potentially kill someone by destroying their spirit cores. Moreover, he could manipulate his flesh into ropes that allowed anyone who tied themselves to it to enter the dreams of the other person tied by it. 

Enmu displays higher proficiency in flesh manipulation. He could detach his flesh as we fuse with inanimate objects. 

Using his blood spread on a ticket, Enmu could put anyone in contact with it to sleep.

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Upper Moon 6

The rank of Upper moon 6 first belonged to Daki and Gyutarou. After they died in the Entertainment District Arc, Kaigaku became the new upper moon 6.

Daki and Gyutarou

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Former Upper moon 6: Daki and Gyutarou.

The sibling demons shared a single body. However, Daki and Gyutarou had abilities of their own.

Daki was a beautiful demon who ran a brothel. Muzan is seen praising her for her newfound strength. She is utterly ruthless and has had a history of eating 7 Hashira. Her senses are heightened, and she can easily read the power level of her opponents. Daki’s choice of weapon is sharp blade-like stashes created from manipulating her flesh. She also uses her hair to place certain attacks. Her flesh manipulation technique allows her to cut her opponents, store food, and even defend her. 

Gyutarou can enhance his sister’s powers by merging with her. He manipulates his flesh to form two sharp sickles that he uses for combat. His senses are enhanced enough to keep up with his opponent’s fast attacks. Gyutarou makes use of lumps of solidified blood to attack enemies. Moreover, he is seen generating lethal poisons from his blood.

Daki and Gyutarou hold a unique ability that makes their decapitation difficult. The only way to kill them was to decapitate them at the same time.


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Upper Moon 6: Kaigaku.

After Daki and Gyutarou’s death, he becomes the sixth ranking Upper moon. Kaigaku was a traitor of the Demon Slayers. He becomes Zenitsu Agatsuma’s rival towards the end. Kaigaku makes an amazing appearance in the Infinity Castle arc, where he battles Zenitsu Agatsuma. He shows high-speed being a Thunder breath user. His choice of weapon is a modified katana that allows him to use blood art techniques. Mixing his demon abilities along with his past skills, Kaigaku achieved the ability to manipulate electricity. He is a refined swordsman with enhanced breathing techniques.

Upper Moon 5: Gyokko

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Fifth-ranked Upper moon: Gyokko.

Gyokko was a narcissistic and sadistic demon. He makes his appearance in the Swordsmith Village arc. Gyokko shows enhanced speed, reflex, and regeneration abilities. His weapons are the pots that give him many water-related abilities. These pots allow him to teleport from one pot to the other. He is seen to be able to create fish demons or other aquatic demons in the pot and use them to attack or kill his target. Using his pot, Gyokko can manipulate water to kill or trap others. Gyokko goes into a state of heightened abilities after completing his Molting Transformation. After his transformation, Gyokko can also change anything he touches into a fish. Among the twelve Kizuki and their different abilities, Gyokko is probably the kind that does not look lethal but ends up becoming the most dangerous one.

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Upper Moon 4

At first, Hantengu is seen as the Upper moon 4. After his death, he is replaced by Nakime. The twelve Kizuki and their abilities might differ even if two kizuki belong to the same rank.


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Fourth ranking Upper Moon: Hantengu.

Upper moon 4, Hantengu showcases the usually enhanced traits like most other demons. He has a unique blood demon ability that allows him to manifest his emotions as his clones. For demon slayers, the twelve Kizuki and their abilities pose a great obstacle.  The different clones hold different sets of abilities making it difficult to defeat him. 


Twelve Kizuki and their abilities

Upper Moon 4: Nakime.

She can be first seen during Muzan’s rampage over the lower demons. She replaces Hantengu after his death. However, Nakime’s physical combat abilities were never shown. She is seen playing her Biwa. Playing her biwa gives her the ability to manipulate the castle. She can also open portals and manipulate space. Nakime can also detach eyeballs from her body that lets her spy. She is a brilliant character. Goutuge’s skillful presentation gave us the twelve Kizuki and their abilities that made Demon Slayer worth a binge read.

Upper Moon 3: Akaza

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


The third Upper Moon, Akaza, was a trained martial artist that made him brilliant in hand-to-hand combats. Among the demons, he has the highest regenerative ability. His heightened sense lets him read his opponent’s level and fight with it. Akaza’s blood manipulation technique gives him the ability to generate shockwaves. Towards the end, Akaza shows a strong will to stay alive as he starts the regeneration of his head.

Akaza displays the overpowered nature of the twelve Kizuki and their abilities from an early time of the plot.

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Upper Moon 2: Doma

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


Doma is a charismatic demon who fed on beautiful women. Kanao Tsuyuri remarks to him that he completely lacks apathy. This makes killing easier for him. In the final arc, he proves to be a formidable enemy despite not even fighting seriously. His choice of weapons is two Japanese fans that help him expel his blows on the enemies. The twelve Kizuki and their abilities are developed with a common trait. In the case of Doma, his blood demon technique lets him generate freezing ice that can freeze his enemies within seconds of contact. This seems very blended with his completely numbed emotions. 

Doma can also absorb bodies without eating them. His body quickly adapts to poisons and creates antibodies faster than other demons. 

Upper Moon 1: Kokushibo

Twelve Kizuki and their abilities


Kokushibo was a former Demon Slayer an era ago. Holding the first rank of the demon slayers, Kokushibo is the second strongest demon, only second to Muzan. As a former Demon Slayer and user of the moon breath, he becomes immensely difficult to defeat even for the strongest Hashira, Himejima Gyomei. His strength, reflex, endurance, and durability are highly enhanced. Being a skilled swordsman gives him the advantage of being a good strategist in combat. After receiving his demon slayer mark as well as becoming a demon, Kokushibo gains the ability to look through the transparent world. 

He has three pairs of eyes generated from his flesh manipulation ability. It gives him a higher level of vision. Like Kaigaku, Kokushibo too modified his Nichirin sword using his flesh manipulation technique. He can also produce swords from his body, which seems like a more advanced version of Gyutarou’s ability to produce sickles. He uses the blood demon technique to use multiple slash attacks on his opponent. Like Akaza, Kokushibo shows a high sense of will which almost allows him to regenerate his decapitated head too. 

Towards the end, Kokushibo transforms into a grotesque-looking demon. 

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