The Tick Season 2: Our Verdict

The Tick is a lighthearted superhero television series. The season one received a lot of praise for its story and mainly the acting of the two leads, Tick and Arthur. Both of the characters in even the second season seemed to be in their own skins while acting. The growth of not only the lead characters but all the other characters in season 2 is pretty significant.

Characters like Dangerboat, Overkill and Kevin, have developed their relationship with Tick pretty subtlety and nicely. It was nice to see at times Tick’s personality kept on shining while Arthur was still trying to find a role among the powerful superheroes. Also, the Dot arc is nice. The screentime of Dot and Overkill will just glue you all to your television screens.

Talking about the most consistently good thing on this show last season, that is Kevin. Kevin is again a shining spark in season 2 as well.

Now, everything about the show just cannot be great and the flaw in this season is that the antagonist doesn’t seem like an antagonist. The villain of season 2 didn’t even strike fear in a child’s heart.

Characters like Ms. Lint didn’t get much of the screentime, and when the final villain showed up, he seemed way more disappointing than expected. So, mostly the season is concerned with the relationship development and character development of the heroes rather than them beating up powerful villains.

It could mean that season 3 will contain pretty terrorizing villains as we saw in the first season of this pretty funny television show. Talking about being funny, season 2 has improved the humorous scenes in a very positive manner. So, overall the show is going in the right direction. I personally do recommend you all to watch this show as this one brings a smile to one’s face after a long day of work.

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