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Preview: The Sweet Blood Korean Drama Episode 6

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 preview

The drama The Sweet Blood is an ongoing Korean drama. It is kind of average on the box office. The drama revolves around a girl born in a Vampire family. The girl wants nothing but a simple life like a human being. She has the power to anything. There is a boy who gets the attention of Vampires and werewolves. She takes the responsibility of saving him from the hunters. The drama is quite on a fantasy side. The drama is also known as Daldalhan Geu Nom, Daldarhan Keu Nom, 달달한그놈. Also, the drama revolves around the genre Romance, Fantasy. The drama is all around a fantasy world which does not have anything related to the real world.

The ongoing drama is quite full of fantasy, and it may seem interesting to many people. We will be rating a drama 7 out of 10. The drama is having a total number of 15 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of 10 minutes. The drama is short and cute. The episodes get on the air every Wednesday and Saturday. Also, the drama started premiering on March 24, 2021 and will go off air on May 12, 2021. Moreover, the drama is available to watch on Viki and also available on YouTube. The original networking partner of the drama is Naver TV Cast, vLive. Overall if you are into fantasy drama plot, then this drama is something you can check out.

Star Cast of The Sweet Blood

The Sweet Blood is an ongoing fantasy-based Korean drama. It revolves around the story of a vampire girl and a boy who is prey to other vampires. The drama is starring Song Chae Yun as Son Yeon Seo, Kim Eo Jin as Song Meo Roo, Kim Ji Woong as Yoon Chi Woo. These three are the lead actor for the drama. The plot revolves around their life and struggle, and inner decisions.

The other important character of the drama which gave their contribution is the support actors. The cast is starring Cho Eun Ho as Do Hyun Je, Yoon Da Young as Kim Su Jeong, Kim Tae Hwan as Son Ha Seok. They all are the supporting cast of the drama. The cast is small it makes it easier to understand the drama. Everyone has given their best to support the plot. Overall it is a nice drama. It is something that you want to watch which is shorter in duration and interesting.

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 preview

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Synopsis of the Drama

The drama sweet blood is a fantasy Korean drama that is currently ongoing. The drama revolves around a life of a girl name Yeon Seo. She is born into a vampire family. Her mother is a human, while her father is a vampire. She is a half-vampire. Yeon Seo is someone who wants a simple life as a human being. Also, she is beautiful and has the power of a vampire, which makes her do anything she wants to do according to her choice.

After having powers in her hands, she still goes with the people of her same age group or someone closer to her age. The decision of choosing the one closer to her age reciprocates in the future. She faces the first consequences when she gets into higher school, and during graduation, things went here and there. Moreover, while working on her graduation days during school time,, she meets Yeon Seon. She also has some severe urges of a vampire desire. There is a boy name Song Meo Roo.

Meo Roo is new in the class, and everyone has an urge to try his sweet blood. The class is full of vampires and werewolves. Meo Roo attracted those unexpected creatures, which made it quite complicated for both of them. Every vampire and werewolves was behind him. After this, Meo Roo’s life duty is taken by Yeon Seo. She takes everything on herself and protects her classmate. This thing gets complicated as her vampire desires start growing more. It is to see if she will save him or her urge will lead to a different direction. Also, the love story is something to be seen in the drama. Will the love story take any part, and if it does, with whom it will be working. Overall it is a nice fantasy drama to watch and enjoy with family too.

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 preview

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 Preview

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 is going to release on 10 April 2021. The episode will be available to each on Viki and YouTube with the subtitles. The drama revolves around the life of a vampire and a human. The vampire is a half-human half-vampire. She believes in serving humanity and wants to live like an ordinary human being. Also, she is the one who will be taking care of a human boy who is chased by vampires and werewolves over his blood.

The drama next episode 6 will revolve around how Yeo Seon will be taking care of Meo Roo during the blood drive. As the moment the blood spill, everyone is going to chase him then and there. Also, the last episode ends with Chi Woo seeing them having a conversation and she calling Meo Roo cute. Maybe he will plan something to take revenge on him. The next episode looks interesting as we will be able to see some intense yet cute moments in the drama. Overall, if you are someone who is into such fantasy dramas, you can surely go for this one. It is interesting and something great to watch when you have lesser time.

The Sweet Blood Episode 6 preview

Episode 5 overview

The drama The Sweet Blood is a fantasy drama that revolves around the story of vampires. The drama is ongoing on NaverTv Cast. Episode 5 starts with Yoon Chi Woo following Son Yeon Seo around. He follows her to her high school. Also, he annoys her with different questions. He asks her why she is traveling around the school on a bus she could have taken a cab. There are different questions, and he pins her at every moment. After reaching the school, she finds out that he already has left, and she is in a happy mood goes inside. Also, at the moment, she is a bit skeptical about what his next move is. Entering the class settling down, she gets a shock when the teacher introduces a new student.

The new student is Yoon Chi Woo. He chooses to sit next to her as he says he has many questions to ask from her. Later he goes to Song Meo Roo and says if he wants to know a secret about Yeon Seo. He let down his offer as he already knows the secret. Meanwhile, Kim Su Jeong asks Son Yeon Seo to have Yoon Chi Woo arrange for her. Even after telling her that he is not the right one, she sticks to him and persuades her in the name of friendship. Later in the class, there is chaos which is created by Chi Woo over the topic of what Yeon Seo is carrying in her water bottle. He sniffs it and says it is something similar to red wine. The other students joined and sniff the liquid inside the bottle and feel the strange smell.

Meanwhile, Yeon Seo enters the class and says it is medicine. When Chi Woo asks her to try it and other classmates to try, Meo Roo comes and snatches the bottle and drinks the liquid. Later, Chi Woo tells him it is animal blood nothing will happen to him. After this, Meo Roo and Yeon Seo meet and discuss the liquid. Later he tells her that her grandfather was a part of the freedom revolution. Yeon Seo says that it is the reason behind his sweet blood. They start a conversation about the blood drive going to happen the next day. Meo Roo asks her to bite her it’s better than other vampires biting her, and he is lead to death. She tells her that she will take care of him, no matter what, and the scene ends.

It is a quite different concept of fantasy drama where a vampire who wants to serve humanity over being a vampire with power is seen. Also, it is short, which makes it easy to watch and early to finish. It is interesting to see how a vampire will fall in love with a human or will she stick to a vampire only. The fight to save Meo Roo is interesting, and also her urge for the vampire nature is all you will experience in the drama. Overall a great short Korean drama to enjoy.

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