‘The Second Husband’ Episode 61: Release Date, Where To Watch & Recap

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The Scond Husband Episode 61
The Second Husband

The Second Husband Episode 61 is going to come soon. The kdrama has been taking over the daily k-series industry. It has been grabbing the attention of audiences all around the world with its amazing plot and talented cast. The plot of the kdrama is based on a woman named Seon Hwa. The story at the starting of the kdrama follows her miseries which were caused by her ex Sang Hyuk, his fiance Jae Kyung, and Jae Kyung’s assistant Soo Chul. She rises up as a new person to take revenge on all of them. The audience has been loving seeing Seon Hwa taking her sweet revenge on those who had ruined her life.

The icing on top of the k-series is its skilled cast and crew. The cast of the kdrama includes popular names like Uhm Hyun Kyung (Hide and Seek), Cha Seo Won( Liver Or Die), Oh Seung Ah( Bad Love), and Han Ki Woong( The Alchemist). Not only are fans getting to see the cast’s incredible acting, but they are also truly delighted to see two pairs of actors to be working together. Uhm Hyun Kyng and Cha Se Won had first worked together in the kdrama Miss Lee. And Oh Seung Ah and Kim Hee Jung have reunited again after Secret And Lies. Furthermore, the news of the director and screenwriter working together had evoked a positive response from netizens. Many had also been waiting for the screenwriter Seo Hyun Joo’s return. This is because it had been six years since the writer had last worked in a kdrama.

In this article, we are going to fill you all in about the release date, streaming details, and a preview of The Second Husband Episode 61.

The Second Husband Episode 61 Release Date

The release date of The Second Husband Episode 61 is 11 November. Moreover, the release date falls on the upcoming Thursday. The Second Husband releases new episodes every day except for the weekends at 7:15 PM KST on its networking channel. Further, the kdrama had taken over the time slot of the MBC daily kdrama A Good Supper. It had surprising started to gain followers even before airing any episodes. This was mainly due to the cast, crew, and the kdrama’s plot synopsis. It has first started to air its episodes on August 9 which was just a few weeks after A Good Supper’s finale. Also, the kdrama is going to come to an end in three months i.e on by the starting of February.

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The Second Husband Episode 61
Seon Hwa cr: MBC

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Where To Watch The Second Husband Ep 61?

The Second Husband is available for Korean viewers on its broadcasting channel at MBC. The episodes will air Mon-Fri at 7:15 PM KST on their TV screens. And the streaming platforms available for international viewers are Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. Those who have a standard subscription on Rakuten Viki can only watch The Second HUsband Episode 61 on the site. Besides, Kocowa’s services are only available to North America or South America, so if you are not there right now you’ll not be able to use Kocowa’s free services.

A Recap Of The Previous Episodes

When Jae Kyung had secretly gone through Seon Ha’s childhood things then she had suspected that Seon Hwa is Bit Na. Her suspicion got confirmed when she gave a bot of Seon Hwa’s hair for a DNA check. She couldn’t possibly let Seon Hwa and Hae Ran as Seon Hwa will not only reveal everything about her but will also become the heir of the throne. When Hae Ran and Seon Hwa were about to meet, Jae Kyung came up with a quick plan. She bribed someone named Choi Eun Gyul to act as Seon Hwa. She even sneaked into Seon Hwa’s house to steal her childhood photos and the shoes that would prove that she is Bit Na. Choi Eun Gyul was able to fool everyone with a little help from Jae Kyung.

Second Husband Episode 61
Jae Kyung and her dad cr: MBC

But the only person that didn’t get fooled was Yoon Dae Guk. he wouldn’t have wanted some stranger to be eating of his money so he decided to double-check if Choi Eun Gyul is really Bit Na. Subsequently, he found out the truth. The episode had surely ended with a big cliffhanger. So there is no wonder why the audience is waiting impatiently for The Second Husband Episode 61.

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