Will Seon Hwa Be Able To Make Jae Kyung Pay For Her Crimes In ‘The Second Husband Episode 113’?

The Second Husband Episode 113

The Second Husband Episode 113 is just around the corner! The audience is more excited than ever to see the villains finally getting what they deserve. Years after killing Seon Hwa’s grandmother and more, Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk might end up in jail soon. Jae Min and Seon Hwa gave the video in which only Jae Kyung could be seen murdering Seon Hwa’s grandmother. They requested the place to look into it and told them that Jae Kyung had been misusing her power as the daughter of the chairman, so they also want them to look into her breach of trust and embezzlement too. What better is Jae Kyung was arrested by the police in front of all the employees that she had mistreated.

And when Jae Kyung was arrested by the police Sang Hyuk literally acted like he did not even know a single thing about it. He told Jae Kyung that he would be going home with Tae Yang. However, he could not take Tae Yang with him, thanks to Hae Ran. Hae Ran said that she and Yoon Dae Guk would be taking care of Tae Yang, so it would be better if he went back and checked on Jae Kyung. Also, Soo Chul, the person who has fallen head over heels for a murderer and even helps her out with all of her duties, would not let her go down alone. He told Sang Hyuk why has he been acting like he did not help Jae Kyung in the murder. Sang Hyuk still acted like he did not know anything.

Don’t miss out on more of Sang Hyuk’s shenanigans, and check out the release date, streaming details, and predictions for Episode 113 of The Second Husband.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

Fans are more than ready to watch Episode 113 of The Second Husband. In the preview of the upcoming episode, we could see that Seon Ha and Jae Min’s plan was perfectly implemented. What was their plan, you say? Upon Mr. Baek regaining consciousness, Jae Min took the video in which Sang Hyuk could be seen assisting Jae Kyung in the murder and posted it on all of the social media platforms and countless websites. Now the word is out that the chairman’s daughter and son-in-law are actually murderers.¬†Even Sang Mi had been worried that her own brother was an accomplice in Seon Ha’s grandmother’s murder.

The Second Husband Episode 113
Sang mi cr: MBC

Talking about Sang Mi, she has been trying her best to impress Seo Jun as well as Seo Jun’s mother, Bok Soon. Now that both of them know that she is Sang Hyuk’s sister, she has little to no chance. Will she do something so great that even Bok Soon and Seo Jun will change their minds about Sang Mi? For now, it does not like Seo Jun will be changing his mind anytime soon. His mind is fixated on confessing to Seon Hwa, and he doesn’t know how he should be dealing with his hidden emotions. Like Bok Soon said, Seon Hwa likes Seo Jun as a brother, and if Seo Jun confesses to her, it would add one more problem to her already big list of problems. What do you think is in store for Sang Mi and Seo Jun?

The Second Husband Episode 113 Release Date

The Second Husband Episode 113 will release on 25 January, this Tuesday. The show has really taken the storyline to the next level. There are still lots of questions to be answered, like is Seon Hwa ever going to find out that she is Hae Ran’s daughter? Will Jae Min find out about it first? When will the audience of The Second Husband find out whether Jae Kyung is the real daughter of Bok Soon or not? Thank goodness, the show had decided to increase the number of episodes!

The Second Husband Episode 113
Yoon Dae Guk cr: MBC

Where To Watch The Second Husband Episode 113?

The Korean audience for The Second Husband can watch the episodes on MBC at 7:16 PM KST Mon-Fri. In addition to that, the international audience of The Second Husban can watch episode 113 either on Rakuten Viki or Kocowa. Also, the airing time of the 113th episode of The Second Husband is 8:45 PM in Australia, 3:45 PM in India, and 10:15 AM in the UK.

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