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‘The Requin’ Ending Explained: The Chaos That Unfolded

“The Requin” is only about 89 minutes long, and the majority of it plays out like a soapy two-hander about survivor’s guilt. Requin is Le-Van Kiet’s entry into the popular shark attack film genre. What is the ending for the movie “The Requin”? In the film, we see a bereaved married couple (Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper) find themselves stranded at sea after a monsoon destroys their above-water Vietnamese villa.

The Requin is set against a foggy backdrop that could easily fool you into thinking you’re about to watch a ghost story. Requin is a term used to describe tropical sea sharks that have “a nictitating membrane and a heterocercal tail.” But The Requin isn’t just another supernatural thriller; it’s also a shark attack film. The action is set in the writer-home director’s country of Vietnam, and director of photography Matt S. Bell meticulously shoots every nook and cranny of the country. The trip is an attempt to move on from a recent tragedy and rebuild their relationship.

'The Requin' Ending Explained

“The Requin” movie


When Jaelyn and Kyle arrive for a romantic getaway at a remote seaside villa in Vietnam, there’s terror in paradise. A torrential downpour devastates the villa, reducing it to the size of a raft and sweeping the young couple out to sea. A school of great white sharks appears out of nowhere. Jaelyn must battle the deadly predators alone in this tense thriller that rides an unrelenting wave of fear, with her injured husband watching helplessly. Silverstone plays Jaelyn, a traumatized tourist who goes on vacation with her husband Kyle to forget a recent miscarriage. Most of Jaelyn’s actions during the film’s long pre-shark build-up are overshadowed by her grief.

She is unable to sleep and also anxiously refuses to accept Kyle’s vain attempts at consoling her. Because of the tragedy, Jaelyn is anxious about any decision she must make, and Kyle appears to be unable to communicate with her honestly. Things come to a head during a severe tropical storm that isolates their waterfront room from the rest of the resort. Now stranded at sea, injured and terrified, the husband and wife team must do everything they can to survive. Unfortunately, the situation worsens when Kyle’s leg is severely injured. As if that wasn’t bad enough, ravenous sharks start circling the two, looking for a meal.

‘The Requin’ Ending Explained

Now, let’s go over what happened at the end of “The Requin”. When Jaelyn and Kyle visit a nearby town, she called her mother and sister. While they are delighted to hear from her, Jaelyn’s family is concerned about her mental health, not to mention the couple’s choice of vacation location. Jaelyn is so focused on the conversation, and she understands so little Vietnamese that she misses TV weather reports about an impending tropical storm.

It turns out that visiting Vietnam was Kyle’s idea, one of many decisions he has made for them before and continues to make after the dream vacation devolves into a dire situation. Still, when she is not frightened by bad dreams and even worse memories. Jaelyn tries to be a good sport and actually enjoys snorkeling, paragliding, and other touristy conditioning. It’s worth noting that Kiet makes no mention of the decades-ago squabble involving US troops in the country, though he does acknowledge a teenage war hero who stood up to French colonialists back in the 1950s.

'The Requin' Ending Explained

Still from The Requin

There’s no drinking water orΒ foodΒ available, and noΒ oneΒ canΒ surviveΒ because there’s noΒ lifeΒ in theΒ area. Silverstone rises to the occasion with an intense performance that is never too pitchy or over-the-top. Silverstone is the voice of escalating panic as Jaelyn, a thankless role that few B-movie stars bother to develop because this type of character is usually an afterthought during both the screenwriting and shooting processes. The majority of the action takes place on Jaelyn and Kyle’s small over-water villa. Still, Silverstone is so invested in her character that Jaelyn never comes across as a generic meat puppet; at the very least, she’s distracting enough when Kiet takes too long to deliver the bloody goods.

That tropical storm eventually, inexorably, comes into play to propel the plot. When Jaelyn and Kyle wake up, their “villa” is more or less a raft floating several miles off the coast. Kyle is immobilized due to an injured and bloodied leg, but that doesn’t stop him from making all of the decisions β€” most of which are incorrect β€” until Jaelyn finally begins to stand up for herself. It’s a good thing she does because when Kyle becomes even more incapacitated, it’s up to Jaelyn to do all the heavy lifting and frantic rowing when The Requin finally appears and causes havoc. The worst thing about “The Requin”β€”whose title is misleading because the requiem “Requin” shark is more of a guest star than a co-lead.

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