The Rental Filming Locations: The House Where it Was Shot

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Poster of the movie, The Rental
Poster of the movie, The Rental

Do you like horror movies? Here we are with an amazing horror film that you should definitely watch. The movie also contains loads of suspense and a bucket full of mysteries. Yes, we are talking about The Rental. This movie has beautiful and stunning filming locations that you will love watching. A description of the filming locations of the movie is given below in this blog.

The Rental also got nominated for many prestigious awards with a few more achievements that are recognizable. It was also one of the top-rented movies on the streaming services such as Apple TV+, the iTunes Store, and many more and it also topped the box office once. It has a unique plot with an unexpected ending. According to the sources, the film might also have its sequels in the future.

What is this movie about? Who all are the cast and crew members of the film? What is the basic storyline of The Rental? What were the release dates? This blog covers answers to many such questions that are there in your mind.

Where is The Rental Filmed?

The filming of this movie started in April 2019 and also ended in May 2019. The Rental is completely shot in and near the USA. Bandon and Portland, Oregon in the USA was the main filming location of the horror movie. Oregon is already one of the favorite places for movie-makers for shooting because of the wonderful views. Many famous big films are shot in this state.

Bandon is a place with a lesser population and is beautiful as well as ominous according to the director of the film. The movie shows many scenes of a spacious house, this house has a private beach and it is actually located between the Bandon Dunes Golf resort and Cape Arago’s southern base. Also, the initial parts of the movie and some other scenes are from the city of Portland which is a very famous shooting location already.

One of the filming locations of The Rental
One of the filming locations of The Rental 2020

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All about the movie

The Rental is an American horror mystery thriller drama film. This movie aired in some of the selected theatres in the United States on Video-On-demand on 24th July 2020. With many good reviews and responses, the horror film became the 2nd one ever that topped the chart of Video-on-demand charts as well as the box office at the same time. Although because of the worldwide pandemic the movie firstly premiered at the Vineland Drive-In theatre, California on 18th June 2020 with a running time of 1 hour 28 minutes.

Dave Franco is the director of the film and he also shares the screenplay credits with Joe Swanberg. Although, Mike Demski also owes the story part. The producers of The Rental are Dave Franco, Elizabeth Haggard, Teddy Schwarzman, Ben Stillman, Joe Swanberg, and Christopher Storer. Dan Stevens, Alison Brie, Shella Vand, Jeremy Allen White, and Toby Huss are the very main stars of this famous mystery drama. However, the rating of this movie is not so high i.e. 5.7/10 as per IMDb now, but the scores are increasing day by day and the movie has a wide base of viewers and fans.

The theme of The Rental

As the name of the film suggests, the movie is related to a rental house. It revolves around the story of two couples who all are old friends- Charlie, Michelle, Josh, and Mina. They rent a beautiful house for their weekend trip. The rental house seems so imperfectly perfect and the scenes around the house are also catchy and attractive. But soon, on an oceanside gateway, the four of them felt as if their house is watching them or spying on them.

A scene from the horror film, The Rental
A scene from the horror film, The Rental

Their holiday plans turn into a dangerous nightmare for them. Also, the secrets of the old friends started getting uncovered in front of everyone. The friends were now witnessing each other in a totally different scenario. To know what will happen at the end, what happens actually in the house, what were the secrets of the couples, and how did it all reveal, watch the horror film, The Rental.

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