The Promised Neverland Manga Announces Its Final Arc

The Promised Neverland author Kaiu Shirai announced that the series is on its final arc. The manga just turned 100 chapters this month and its already in its final leg. The series is currently one of the most successful manga right now, and fans are saddened by the final arc announcement.

The Promised Neverland Final Arc Begins

It seemed just like yesterday when The Promised Neverland started to make a buzz and followers. Fans around the world followed Emma and the gang before, during, and after their escape to the Grace Field farm. However, after just two years of serialization, the manga is now on its final arc.

The Promised Neverland anime ending

Manga author Kaiu Shirai’s comment in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump caught the attention of all the readers. It reads ”¬†Thanks for all the many votes you sent! The final arc has now started. I will work hard!” The tweet was posted by @TPNManga, an account which focuses on TPN news. Even though it was announced that the final arc is starting, nobody knows when it will really finish. An arc can be as small as five chapters or as long as a two-year worth of chapters.

Shirai stated in its earlier interview that the whole story is worth twenty volumes. Right now, there are only ten volumes published for the manga. It is safe to say that the last arc might be enough for ten more volumes if Shirai is still planning for twenty volumes for his series.

All The Unfinished Things After Khavitidala

There’s still a lot of things to do in the final arc of The Promised Neverland. A lot of loose threads still needs closure. One of this, and probably the biggest thread that needs to be closed, is Norman’s fate. For what we know, he is still alive and is one of the subjects of the Lambda Project. The identity of the humanity’s supporters inside the Demon World is still in mystery. Who is Andrew and why is he working for Peter Ratri. Who is the one who contacted them via phone?

Will Phil and the other humans manage to escape the Gracefield Plantation? What happened to Isabella? Who is the Grandma that are overlooking all the Mamas in the field? Who is the Demon King? There’s a lot of things going on, and it is really hard to believe that the manga is on its final arc. Hopefully, or things will be wrapped up satisfyingly.

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