The Promised Neverland Anime Reveals Main Cast and Staff Members!

I guess everyone out there was waiting for this popular manga to get an anime. I mean, The Promised Neverland manga is getting a real anime soon; and, we’ve recently got some updates regarding the same. Previously, we just had a hint of the anime, when the site domain ‘’ was registered by a company or an individual in Japan.

In this very new Teaser Visual we can see thirteen characters from the show, The Promised Neverland; including Mama Isabella, Sister Krone and some other children from the orphanage, Grace Field House. It is said that the anime will follow the manga’s story and this season will only cover up till the Jailbreak arc, (Spoiler: where the children try to escape the orphanage.)

And now, the time has come. We are starting to get more and more news and leaks regarding the popular manga; The Promised Neverland turn into an anime. (Darling in the Franxx). Recently, The Promised Neverland revealed the main cast for the show; So without any more delays, let us have a look at it –

The series will air under the direction of Mamoru Kanbe (Kimi to Boku), the series composition will be done by Toshiya Ono, and the character designs are drawn under the table of Kazuaki Shimada. Music direction is done by Takahiro Obata. The Promised Neverland anime will be produced under the name of CloverWorks.

The anime follows the story of three orphan children, Emma, Noman, and Ray, who are living in an orphanage named as Grace Field House. They are somewhat unaware of the world outside the walls of their home, more like, they never got to cross the boundaries of their home.

The Promised Neverland Anime Trailer: 

The Voice Actor for the character Emma will be Sumire Morohoshi, Norman will be Maaya Uchida, and Ray will be Mariya Ise. When the first announcement was made regarding the anime, all three of them were already doing the work of narration in the teaser trailer.

(Note: This Video is only available in Japan) 

The Promised Neverland Anime Release Date:

The release date for the anime, The Promised Neverland is said to be January 2019. The release date is confirmed by one of the staff members of the show. However, the exact release date will be revealed real soon.

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