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The Premise: Release Date, Premise & Other Updates

The anthology series titled “The Premise” is all set to hit the screens soon enough. The series has created a huge buzz all over social media platforms as the popular Office’s character Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak) is going to make his streaming television debut through this. Novak is one of the most loved actors in the television realm. He is known to be a charmer and is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Whether it is working with cameras, overseeing a project as a producer, or writing TV episodes he has aced every one of those arenas.

B.J. Novak is known for creating and writing several episodes of the infamous show titled “The Office” as well as an episode of “The Mindy Project” in which his co-star from The Office was starred, Mindy Kaling. He wrote pages for the comedy show titled “Raising Dad” which premiered in 2003 and he also oversaw the Indian adaptation of “The Office” which premiered in 2019. A recent press release by FX on Hulu has described the series as an ambitious fearless project that uses the theory of comedy to portray the most serious issues of the modern era.

The internet is all in buzz for the release of this anthology series and the fans are all eager to know everything about it. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a quick look.

The Premise: When will the show air?

FX on Hulu press release confirmed everyone’s speculations about the premiere of the show. The Premise is going to be released on 16th September on the streaming platform Hulu. Well, the days are obviously close enough and our excitement is reaching its peak too. There will be five episodes in the series and we can confirm that all of them are going to be very thrilling and interesting.

The first and second episodes of the show will premiere on the release date. And, it is highly speculated that the other episodes will be released weekly. If the same release routine is followed and the rest of the episodes are released weekly following the release of the first two then we can expect the premiere of the final episode of the show on 7 October i.e., Thursday.

The Premise: Release Date, Premise & All Other Updates!

The Premise

It has been reported that every episode of the series will be 30 minutes long. Hulu will host the premiere of all five episodes. And hence, it is the only streaming platform you will be able to watch the series.

The additional directors for the show are Kitao Sakurai, Darya Zhuk, and Jake Schreier. Looking into the additional writer column then there are journalists Jia Tolentino and Josie Duffy Rice. B.J. Novak is also the co-writer, director and co-executive producer of the two episodes of the show.

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The Premise: Who all are in for the casting?

The cast members of the series are the most speculated ones. The base of the show is anthologist and it is also based on dark comedy therefore the cast too is going to match the vibes.

The series’ plot and genre open up several opportunities for many popular major stars to be starred the episodes of the show. The popular casts also tell us that all of them are likely to not appear in all of the episodes. The other reason which makes the cast of the series more intriguing is that the theme of every episode contains high standard comedy and drama. Therefore, we can guess the presence of dramatic and comedic actors.

The Premise: Release Date, Premise & All Other Updates!

The Premise: Cast

Keeping that in mind, we can hope to see the following in the cast of “The Premise”: Ben Platt, Ayo Edebiri, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jermaine Fowler, Jon Bernthal, Boyd Holbrook, Beau Bridges, Amy Landecker, Lucas Hedges, Kaitlyn Dever, O’Shea Jackson Jr., George Wallace, Ed Asner, Brendan Scannell, Grace Song, Lola Kirke, Soko, Melissa Saint-Amand, Sylvia Grace Crim, Daniel Dae Kim, Eric Lange, and Bryan Batt.

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The Premise: What is the plot of the series?

Every episode in the series is going to tell us an independent story. Therefore, we can be sure to see different casts and characters in every episode. The genre of the show ranges from gun violence to a pop star’s ex life.

In the FX Press Release, the synopsis for every episode was released.

  • Episode 1 “Social Justice Sex Tape”:

It is going to tell us a story about seeking social justice. A white, twenty-something loyal to social justice causes stumbles upon a very embarrassing sex tape which is apparently evidence of a disputed police incident. The sex tape becomes the major weapon for a young lawyer and her mentor to free an innocent man from jail.

  • Episode 2 “Moment of Silence”:

The episode is going to tell us the story of a grieving father who loses his daughter in gun violence. For seeking vengeance, he grabs a job as a PR director at the National Gun Lobby. Though, his motives are being suspected by his co-worker.

The Premise: Release Date, Premise & All Other Updates!

The Premise — Pictured: (l-r): Tracee Ellis Ross as Rayna Bradshaw, Ayo Edebiri as Eve Stone, Ben Platt as Ethan Streiber.

  • Episode 3 “The Ballad of Jesse Wheeler”:

A messy story of a pop star who has plans of donating some sum of money to his high school for building up a library. But the situation takes a wild turn when instead of the donation he promises to have sex with the school’s valedictorian as an academic achievement prize.

The promise heightens the disillusioned hopes of the student body along with Abbi. While the star’s manager and the school’s principal are working blood and sweats to withdraw the promise.

  • Episode 4 “The Commentator”:

The online obsession of a young woman lands her in life-threatening trouble. The critical anonymous comment online makes her obsessed and she eventually spends her life in the search for the commentator’s approval.

  • Episode 5 “Butt Plug”:

A school bully who is presented a chance at redemption by a once-poor child who is now a billionaire.

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