‘The Pirates 2’ Director Thanks The Cast Members As He Talks About The Sequel!

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'The Pirates 2' Director
'The Pirates 2'

Director Kim Jung Hoon sat down with the South Korean media outlet News1 for an interview to talk about the film ‘The Pirates 2’. It has been a week since “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” has come out, and it has been getting good reviews. Sequel to the 2014 movie “The Pirates”, the period action-adventure comedy follows a bunch of pirates and bandits going in the search of lost treasure. As Kim Jung Hoon talked about the reasons for making the sequel after six years, he also revealed the things that went behind the scenes. Spilling the tea about the talented actors working on the set. And the challenges the production team faced during the filming.

Being a father of two children, Kim Jung Hoon is more drawn to the genre of adventure films as they are the best to watch with the family. And as he also comes from a generation that grew up watching adventure movies. He’s been wanting to try his hands on a family adventure film. And looking at the success that the original movie had back in 2014, a sequel for the comedic masterpiece seemed the best thing to the director. Taking Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Kwang Soo, EXO’s Sehun, Chae Soo Bin, Kwon Sang Woo on board, Jung Hoon decided to work on another one.

'The Pirates 2' Director
‘The Pirates 2’ Director Kim Jung Hoon On Set

Director Reveals The Inspiration Behind Filming The Sequel…

With a lot of pressure to keep the entertainment going on, it’s like a difficult time for Korean movies right now. And with success the original movie has, the fans’ expectation for the sequel was already soaring through the roof. Going back to the period timeline, there are huge water bodies and a lot of CGIs involved in the filming and editing process. As if the usual challenges for the production team like proper lighting, set, editing, perfect shots for actors weren’t enough. The filming was halted several times because of the weather and the Covid-19 pandemic. So they had no other choice but to shoot the film in the winter season.

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Talking about the actors, Jun Hoon revealed why he went with the amazing star cast. While Han Hyo Joo was the one for the role because of her strong interior and stable acting within her own femininity. The director also had a very high judgment of Kang Ha Neul’s acting spectrum and talent. Talking about Sehun, Jung Hoon found his intense gaze appealing and a perfect fit for his role. While Lee Kwang Soo is the best suited for the comedic roles, no doubt. Everybody has done better than he expected. And he’s so grateful to the actors who could act even when they were in the water.

'The Pirates 2' Director
‘The Pirates 2’ Director Talks About The infamous penguin scene ft Lee Kwang Soo and his pirate team

Difficulties In The Filming Process & The Cast…

The director is grateful to the actors, the camera directors, the stunt director, and the stunt actors. As he went on to talk about how hard it was filming the underwater scenes. There is a huge difference between the director’s perspective and the actors’ perspective. Telling the actors to do anything was pointless as they could hardly do anything when they were submerged in water. Lee Kwang Soo and Han Hyo Joo would spit up water every time the scene or retakes would end. Park Ji Hwan got an ear infection because some water got into his ear. Kang Ha Neul, too got water up to his nose and had to go to the hospital to have it extracted.

On being asked about the penguin scene, Jung Hoon said that he wanted a fantasy animal. The scene really became Lee Kwang Soo’s one-man show. During the filming, the actor had to act opposite blue dummies. And by the time scene ended, Kwang Soo’s told Jung Hoon that his head was messed up. As the cost of giving one of the amazing scenes in the movie, Lee Kwang Soo ended up dreaming about penguins.

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