Spoilers & Recap: The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6

What To Expect From The Owl House S02E06?
From The Owl House S02E05 Featuring Amity and Luz

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6 could finally be a rebound for Gus. He is recovering from a mistake that is haunting him. The episode may finally see him fully back to his strength. Meanwhile, there is a festival at Hexside as well. Also, it seems like chords are finally struck for Luz and Amity. At least that’s what we are witnessing recently. We had teases after teases with Luz, with all might wanting to take one another look at Amity. So she didn’t stop at all and made sure she to see her and find a way to spend time. She made it, but some problems did come in between.

Amity’s involvement in Luz’s business almost led to her make some compromises. This saw her losing one thing she needs the most. In turn, even the fall of something beautiful building between Luz and Amity. Luz found a way to make things right. Meanwhile, at the same time, Gus was going through a crisis struggling with his illusion magic. A while back, he got Willow injured, and he has lost confidence. But a quest came up, which gave him another chance to prove himself. So let’s breakdown everything that happened previously on the show, then we will move to The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6

Recap For The Owl House Season 2 Episode 5

Previously on The Owl House, we open up to a sad Gus. He is struggling from the past where he accidentally hurt Willow. Luz tries everything to cheer him, but nothing works. To further efforts, Luz is going to see Amity at the library and tags him along as well. On the way, Luz keeps the cheering effort on until Gus breaks it that he is no longer excited about the illusions. Until he hears three kids Angmar, Gavin, and Bria, using magic effortlessly, which shocks him. Another kid joining them is Mattholomule, who asks Gus to back out. But Luz pushes Gus to the kids and says he is strong, and Mattoholomule is someone who needs to back off instead.

Events Of Previous Episode That May Affect The Owl House S02E06
From The Owl House S02E05 Featuring Gus, Mattoholomule, Angmar, Gavin, and Bria

Luz, even though interfered with by Ed and Em, finally meets Amity. They began searching for a book together. They have fun together until Malphas arrives and they have to hide. But hiding only brings them closer, with Amity promising Luz to someday take her to the human realm. Gus is on his quest with the kids to look for Galderstones, and with every step they take, he starts suspecting them. They do find a Galderstones until the Guardian interrupts, leading them to run.

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Ending Of The Owl House S02E05
From The Owl House S02E05 Featuring Amity and Luz

Gus realizes it is the illusionist graveyard coming from Braxas. Plus, this all quest was to trap him and Braxas. Mattoholomule, despite being in guilt and saved by Gus once. He doesn’t turn back and decides to help Gus and Braxas instead. This leads them to become friends finally. Meanwhile, Luz, who was looking for a  human who arrived at Boiling Isles, takes help from Amity again. But this time, Malphas catches them and fires Amity.

Both girls in sadness lead Amity to confess her feelings and her hair to change purple. Later on, Luz manages to get her the job back by proving the mouse which led them to a mess, is an echo mouse replaying the contents of what it has eaten. This enlightens Amity, and the episode closes with her giving a kiss to Luz on the cheek.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6 is releasing on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 and will air on Disney Channel and Disney Now at 10 AM ET. A total of 21 episodes are coming this season so expect a new episode every Saturday following the sixth. The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6 can also be watched on Disney Now’s Official Website. Since there is no promo for the coming episode, check out the trailer for The Owl House Season 2 below.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 6 is titled “Hunting Palismen.” The official synopsis of the episode says there is an event called Talisman Pairing Day at Hexside. The celebration is on its way, and everyone needs to find their pair for a day. Luz is left out with no one to join her, which leads her to form a team with an unexpected foe. Apart from that, we are wondering if we will see Amity again to blossom the love with Luz that can begin in the last episode. Lastly, with the help of his new friends, will Gus regain his confidence in his magic is another question.

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