‘The One and Only Episode 10’: A Dead Body & A New Turn in Events

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: A Dead Body & A New Turn in Events
‘The One and Only Episode 10’

The South Korean drama series ‘The One and Only Episode 10’ is hitting the screens, really. The drama series has built up several emotions inside the viewers, and all of them are enjoying all of it to its fullest. The growing romance between Pyo In Sook and Min Woo Chun has left everyone feeling giddy in their nerves. However, the pair is still afraid of their deepest desire but are doing their best in making the best of their time together.

Mi Do and her engagement with Ji Pyo has given out the emotions of betrayal, anger, and fear to all the viewers, and they are really afraid to see Mi Do’s heartbreaking into pieces after she discovers the truth about the man she fell in love with. Moreover, Se Yeon has improved on many grounds, and the relation with her mother has made things a bit easier for her. It looks like she will finally get a divorce from her husband and lessen the burden on her shoulders. Furthermore, all the viewers out there are really eager about this tenth episode of the show. Here we have gathered all the details about the same. So, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: Spoilers & Recap

It would be absolutely right to say that the show has successfully tangled everyone in its ever suspense builds up in a very engaging way. With now the whole nation claiming the killer as their hero, the police department has fallen into a pool of confusion. While Ma Ji and Jin Hyu agree on dropping the “Moss Rose Case” on the other hand, Shi Young stand his ground on finding out the culprit because he believes that they have got to do their job. OR maybe there is something more into it. We can never say.

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: A Dead Body & A New Turn in Events
Pyo In Sook

In the previous episodes, we saw Se Yeon’s mother coming to the hospice. They both talk things out, and she finally agrees on Se Yeon’s decision of getting a divorce. Moreover, it is good to see the daughter and mother duo together on good terms. Mi Do is still living in fear after uploading a picture of herself with a very dangerous caption on Instagram in her drunken state. Minutes after she got back to her sober state, she deleted that picture and ran back t the hospice informing the others about it. She is afraid of ruining her happiness with Ji Pyo, but she is still unaware of the mask her fiancée wears.

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: A Dead Body & A New Turn in Events
Mi Do and Se Yeon

Furthermore, the upcoming episodes are going to bring in a lot for all the viewers out there. And with the new trap set in place in the form of a dead body, the case is going to get a lot messier.

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‘The One and Only Episode 10’: Where to Watch?

The streaming platform for the South Korean drama series is Viki. It doesn’t matter if the audience is from the domestic and international arena as it is available for both of them. Moreover, they will need a subscription plan in place for getting started with the streaming website. Once they have completed the process, they are free to scroll through the show. The domestic audience of the show is at an advantage as they can also watch the show on the online streaming platform TVING. Furthermore, they will also need to have a subscription plan for the same.

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: When Is the Episode Premiering?

The One and Only Episode 10 will release on January 18, 2022, at 7:30 PM. The drama series has managed to gather the ample number of viewers from its previous episodes. It is good to see the show getting the needed attention and reaction from its viewers from all over the globe. Moreover, the upcoming episode is going to be the end of the cliffhanger from the previous one, and thus, viewers out there are really excited for the same.

‘The One and Only Episode 10’: A Dead Body & A New Turn in Events
Min Woo Chun and Pyo In Sook

Many groundbreaking revelations have been done in the previous episodes of the show. All of them have left the audience in awe as they were never expecting the show to take that particular turn. The characters are gaining ground, and all of them are playing their part really well. Furthermore, we are sure that the upcoming episodes of the show are going to be much-needed suspense fuelers.

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