The Mortal Who Is Stronger Than Gods Of Destruction Is From Universe 4?


The Gods of Destruction are deities that each Universe in Dragon Ball Super has. As the name suggests, they have the power of destruction; to turn anything to dust, as opposed to the power of Kaioshin.

Even power wise, they’re beyond any comparison really. Their destructive powers just can’t be matched just any mortal, normally. They have unlimited powers of destruction, and can even destroy multiple planets just by tapping their fingers.

Each God of Destruction has their own angel, of attendant, who are even stronger than the Gods of Destruction themselves. They’re meant to train and look over the God of Destruction. Of course, there are people who are above that as well, but let’s not forget that far.

Normally, Mortals cannot go against the Gods of Destruction. The reason being they’re just not a match for them. But, with some mortals, it is possible to fight against Gods of Destruction. We saw that both Goku and Vegeta were able to fight Beerus, even though they lost, and Beerus wasn’t even using his real powers.

But, they were one of the very few who could force them to use so much power. Then there are other characters who have fought Gods of Destruction as well. But, Whis stated that in some Universe, there exists a mortal who was even able to beat a God of Destruction.

While we didn’t really know who that was, now, we know that the Warrior who did this is from Universe 4 after all. Here’s the whole conversation that Whis had with Goku:

Episode 93
4:16 | Goku: Do you think our Universe 7 is sure to easily win?

4:18 | Whis: Who knows? I don’t know that much about the other universes. However, there is a universe where lives a mortal that even a God of Destruction can’t defeat. That God of Destruction happens to be stronger than Beerus-sama.

4:39 | Beerus: Don’t go saying that. I only lost once at an arm wrestling match!

While this doesn’t say much, we just found out that the God of Destruction who beat Beerus in arm wrestling was, none other than Quitela. So, that would mean there is a mortal that not even the God of Destruction, Quitela cannot defeat, and that would make perfect sense.

We have two Universe 4 warriors missing already. Could one of them really be that strong, and end up being the real challenge in the Tournament of Power? I don’t know for sure guys, but we’ll find out soon.

Who do you think is the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction? Let me know in the comments section below!


Android 17’s Major Role In Tournament of Power

Android 17 was chosen as the one of the last few members of Universe 7’s team in the Tournament of Power. He was sought out by Goku himself, and even though he was reluctant to join at first, he ultimately agreed and we can see why Goku wanted him.

Android 17 was initially a human, who was turned into an Android by Dr. Gero, in order to take revenge on Goku. However, we all know how that turned out. After the Cell games were over, 17 went away, got a job, and raised a nice little family.

Now, a decade later, he’s back for the Tournament of Power, or else his family might just be destroyed. But, 17 wasn’t suggested just because he had something important to protect. He was suggested because he’s pretty powerful.

When Goku went to Dende to ask for his location, Dende himself explained that 17 isn’t the same person that he once was. He’s not evil anymore. Further, it was also revealed that 17 is now way stronger than he once was. This has raised quite a few questions in the fandom. I’ve seen a lot of you questioning why 17 is so powerful right now, and that it doesn’t make sense.

Remember, 17 was said to have endless stamina and limitless potential. Because of Cell, he wasn’t even able to realize that, let alone use it. However, now, a decade later, he’s far stronger because he is now able to access a large part of his powers. With time, he’s become stronger and not only that, he’s become more ….