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The Misfits Ending Explained: Was The Heist A Total Success?

How Did The Misfits End?
From The Misfits Featuring Pierce Brosnan as Richard Pace, Rami Jaber as The Prince, Hermione Corfield as Hope, Jamie Chung as Violet, Mike d Angelo as Wick and Nick Cannon as Ringo

The Heist films have become a thing to another level since the success of the Netflix web series Money Heist we believe. Well, the recent humongous success of Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead is an evident example of how heist films are thriving. Similarly, another heist film followed in the form of The Misfits. A film reintroducing the robin hood story in a modern form like never before. The movie saw a number of unlikely individuals coming together for a noble cause. Yes, a heist for a noble cause to avoid terrorists receiving the gold and instead be donated for something good. So how is it supposed to down in the ending of The Misfits?

The Misfits might have not been on par with the success of Army Of Dead. But we gotta admit it left so many twists and turn towards the end that made the film worth a one-time watch. The character of Richard Pace is no less than an expert we gotta say. Plus, much of the audience actually missed the subtle hints of the real plan despite being right in front of the eyes. So Schultz wasn’t the only individual who got fooled we guess. Anyway, here we are breaking down everything that happened in the last minutes of the film in our own The Misfits ending explained.

The Misfits Plot

The Misfits follows the story of five distinct individuals with their own skillset bent on becoming the robin hoods of the modern era. They more preferably like to call themselves The Misfits. We have a Beatle-loving Ringo, an explosive expert Wick, strong female combat in the form of Violet, and a Prince who by his name doesn’t need an explanation of who he is. They try to convince the master architect Richard Pace for joining them to break the master vault in an Abu Dhabi prison. It contains gold that is stored for use to built terrorist weapons. The Misfit’s gold doesn’t belong there or even to any of the misfits and should be donated later on to people who actually need it.

The Story Of The Misfits

From The Misfits Featuring Pierce Brosnan as Richard Pace, Rami Jaber as The Prince, Hermione Corfield as Hope, Jamie Chung as Violet, Mike d Angelo as Wick, and Nick Cannon as Ringo

Richard Pace ultimately agrees to the heist but it makes him question when he realizes the real motives of the misfits. That is to steal the money only to stop terrorism. Not for their benefit. Initially, it troubles him but realizing his daughter’s involvement urges him to join too. So following that, he quickly breaks down the location of the gold to be inside the prison’s laundry room. The Misfits gear up their camels to Abu Dhabi’s one of the most modern prisons ever.

The Misfits Ending Explained

The only problem coming in the team’s mission is Khairat Reda, the London-based banker. It may delay their mission but the Misfits show confidence in getting the mission earlier. So to execute the mission they need the disrupt the smooth flow of prison. Posing as Pacific Industrial and then Violet making her moves, the Misfits enter the prison begin work as Ringo distracts the guard. Pace and Wick make it to the vault and later poison the food of the prisoners. Thus causing complete havoc around which they were expecting for the smooth flow of their mission.

Was The Heist A Total Success In The Misfit?

From The Misfits Featuring Pierce Brosnan as Richard Pace, Rami Jaber as The Prince, Hermione Corfield as Hope, Jamie Chung as Violet, Mike d Angelo as Wick, and Nick Cannon as Ringo

Ringo keeps the distraction up this time as an officer from Poison and Noxious Gases. Pace and Wick keep the dig going. The entire hospital needs treatment and to keep control, the prisoners are sent to the hospital. Explosions make their sound, one outside the facility and one by Wick to enter the vault. Furthermore, Wick hacks the surveillance footage as well. Schultz feels something wrong and goes to check the vault himself to find it completely empty. Schultz suspects a car run by Prince and Ringo. But the chase goes to waste when he doesn’t find gold there.

In fact, Pace melted the gold into the eagle statue when the mission began. He attacked the statue upon entering the prison. He hid the gold inside the broken eagle statue. Meanwhile, Prince’s soldiers attack Schultz for him to give up. Furthermore, the girl Schultz’s men kidnapped in the name of Hope turned out to be Violet who took her chances. Thus, successfully finishing the big heist plan. The Misfits donate the gold to the Zaatari refugee camp and  Pace eventually joins the group. Lastly, Hirawa takes Schultz away and is about to make her pay for losing the gold.

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