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The Landlady Ending Explained & Plot Summary

The Landlady ending explained
The Landlady by Roald Dahl

Mystery & horror has always been the most amazing combination. Today, we are to going to talk about the end of such a short story, The Landlady. The name of the book ‘The Landlady’ itself describes it a lot. It is an award-winning book. Its title says that the book has some murders & kidnapping kinds of stuff. The Landlady is one of the popular short stories of the era. It is a book from the 1960s. The Landlady was originally published on the 28th of November 1959.  This short story has earned millions of reviews. The book has also reached the top of the list of the best books of the era. Its ending has now become a global demand.

The book has made everyone crazy. People from all over the world have loved this book. Now, they want an explanation of this iconic short story. Regular readers have read this book. But the busy readers have no time to read the book. So, they are asking about the ending of The Landlady. As per the demand of the explanation of the ending of The landlady, in this article, we will discuss the ending of The Landlady. We will highlight some interesting points about the book & its characters. Lastly, we will discuss The Landlady’s cast.

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The Landlady ending

The story of the Landlady is mysterious. Its genres are horror & mystery. So, the film creates excitement for the readers. But in the end, it left a huge question. The ending of the book has created a huge mystery. Billy & Landlady were in the hotel. The Landlady has shown the room to Billy & she told him the rate of the room. Things become worst when Billy asks a very critical question to the Landlady. He asked that if anyone had visited this hotel in the last 2- 3 years. The answer of the Landlady has left Billy & everyone in shock. She answered that no one had visited this hotel in the last 2- 3 years except you. The book ends only there.

The landlady ending explained

Poster of the Landlady

What was the secret of The Landlady?

The Landlady was kind of insane. She used to kill every young man who came to her hotel. Once Billy asked her about her stuffed pets. She sarcasm smiled & said that she always stuff her animals when they pass away. Till then, Billy had no idea what she was talking about. The landlady always forgets Billy’s name. And she called him by other names. The actual reason behind this is that she has killed so many young men, that’s why she didn’t remember any one of the names. The Landlady had also planned to kill Billy. She offered him a tea that tasted like bitter almond. So, there is a possibility that she may have poisoned the tea of Billy.

Does Billy die? Who is behind it?

Billy Weaver, the visitor of the hotel, died at the end. He died that night lying on his bed. His death is a mystery. Billy has passed away after quitting his job. And donated all his money to the landlady. Billy said that now he has found a place of happiness & silence. He also added that he always wanted a place where he did not have to pay for anything. After saying all this, he simply disappeared. The Landlady was knowing that he died. Because some possibilities are there that she has given poison to Billy in the tea. She had added cyanide poison which exactly smells like bitter almonds. He wanted to kill him & stuff him as she has done with her pets.

The Landlady by Roald Dahl

The two main characters of the short story are Billy Weaver & the landlady. Billy is 17 years old innocent boy. And the Landlady is an unnamed woman who used to kill everyone. This is a short story based on horror and mystery. 86% of Google users have liked this book. And also, it has got 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. This book has always received an award of Best Short Story Mystery in the 1960s. The book is available on Amazon for only $1.39.

The landlady ending explained

The landlady

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