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The King’s Affection Episode 2 Recap & How To Watch

The King's Affection Episode 2 Recap
The King's Affection cr: Netflix

The audience had enjoyed episode 2 of The King’s Affection very much. The first two episodes have surely left a mark on the audience. The King’s Affection is an ongoing South Korean TV Series. Furthermore, this kdrama is set up during the Joseon dynasty. The Crown princess had given birth to twins a boy and a girl, this had been a threat to the crown prince’s dignity. During those times, the birth of twins especially in the royal was considered unlucky. It was then decided that the girl would be killed to make the boy Lee Hwi become the heir to the throne. However, the mother could not accept the killing of her own child and found a way to hide her. The kingdom only knew of crown prince Lee Hwi and no one knew the twin girl.

The princess had grown up as an ordinary maid named Dam-i. But she and her twin were fated to meet someday. While she was working in the palace her brother the crown prince Lee Hwi had noticed how similar they were. So he and Dam-i occasionally switched roles so the prince can run off free for some time. However, things didn’t remain the same when Dam-i’s brother died and her mother had secretly disguised her as the prince. From then on, her life starts as the crown prince. She had of course encountered a lot of miseries. Still, over the years, she had managed to confidentially act as the crown prince. So fans have been curious what Dam-i or the crown prince Lee Hwi will face in the upcoming episodes. In this article, you will find the recap of The King’s Affection Episode 2!

The King’Affection Episode 2 Recap

The King’s Affection has won over fans’ hearts with all the cute scenes and mystery. Furthermore, this drama has a ”forbidden love” trope that all kdrama fans love. The King’s Affection’s introductory episodes started off by telling us the impactful backstories of the characters. It focused on the events leading up to a young prince living as an ordinary maid and then back to the castle but as the crown prince this time. When the young prince Lee Hwi first sees Dal-mi snd vice-versa, they are both astonished to find how alike they look. It was kind of a prince Princess and the Pauper moment. At first, Lee Hwi keeps asking her to switch roles because he likes being adventurous. However, the switch-a-roo keeps happening more frequently when Prince Lee Hwi loses his beloved teacher.

The King's Affection Episode 2 Recap

The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

The Death Of  Young Prince Lee Hwi

When she is not pretending to be the Prince, Da-Mi is seen playing with Ji Woon. The two share a pair of dice with each other, that we will see later as well.On one such occurrence when Lee Hwi is dressed as Dam-i, is discovered by Inspector Jung. Furthermore, Inspector Jung is the father of our main lead Ji Woon and is also responsible for keeping the Palace in check. When Prince Lee Hwi goes to pay his last respects to his tutor, he is dressed as Da-Mi. This lead to the unfortunate killing of Prince Lee Hwi by Inspector Jung. When the mother saw the dead body, she first started sobbing thinking it was the daughter that she could never hold. But when she saw that the body had a scar, she was shocked to know that she was holding the body of her young prince.

How to Watch The King's Affection?

The King’s Affection cr: KBS2

The Beginning Of the Disguise

This is where Da- Mi is brought in to live her whole life in disguise as Prince Lee Hwi. Moreover, there are only three people who know about this incident and Da Mi’s secret. The Crown Princess, Eunuch Hong, Court Lady Kim, and the guard who was assigned the task to hide her at birth. However, The Crown Princess dies and Da-Mi now has only Eunuch Hong and the Court Lady Kim to lean on. On the other hand, Inspector Jung is out killing anyone who knows Da Mi and the fact that he killed her. When he is killing a court maid, both the little Da-Mi and Ji Woon witness a painful scene and are traumatized.

The King's Affection Episode 2

The King’s Affection cr: KBS2

The Present Times

Much time has passed since Da Mi lost her brother and mother, and is living as Prince Lee Hwi. She uses ego and her position, to protect her identity. However, despite changing everything about herself, she is teased for having features too delicate for a man. She is constantly mocked by a fellow prince in the royal court. On a hunting trip, this bully prince shoots at her topknot, which leads to her hair coming undone. With her hair undone, the bully prince notices how pretty Da-Mi or Lee Hwi is. Furthermore, she quickly runs away to go rearrange herself and look more princely, but there she comes face to face with Ji Woon. To find out how Da Mi who is now Prince Lee Hwi will react to meeting her childhood sweetheart.

The King's Affection Episode 2 Recap

The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

How to Watch The King’s Affection?

You can watch the popular drama The King’s Affection on KBS2 or Netflix. Furthermore, if you are located in South Korea then you can easily watch this historical drama on KBS2. KBS2 is known to always deliver really great historical drama. It is not just the love story in The King’s Affection that is exciting. The whole routine of a young princess turning into a prince has got fans hooked. The King’s Affection consists of a total of twenty episodes. This drama has taken up the 21:30 time slot according to Korean Standard Time. For those of you who are International viewers, Netflix has got your back. The latest episodes are available with subtitles in various languages. So now you can enjoy Da Mi and Ji Woon secretly from anywhere in the world.


The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

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