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The Irregulars: The Real History of The Golden Dawn and Ipsissimus

The Irregulars: The History of the Golden Dawn and the Ipsissimus

The entire drama is based on the Victorian age which revolves around four teenagers named Beatrice, Jessica, Spike, and Billy who saved their lives from the workhouse and now struggles to live a normal life on the streets of London. The prince of the royal family who suffers from hemophilia, on his birthday, demands to let him get out of the palace to the city as his birthday present. The carriage in which he was traveling, accidentally hit Jessica which made Bea severely cross. She bravely and with logic argued with his bodyguard which made Leopold like her very much.

Bea was asked by Dr. James Hamish Watson to investigate a matter which had traces of paranormal activities in it. In return, he would give her money for the treatment of her sister Jessica who almost every day has nightmares about a different world involving dark magic. The creator of the show is Tom Bidwell.

Bea and her Irregulars are later joined by Leopold whose knowledge and resourcefulness prove to be advantageous. And they together are on an adventure to find the causes of the paranormal crimes that occur in London.

From left to right: Leopold, Beatrice, Jessica, Spike, Dr.Watson, and Billy.

The cast and release date of The Irregulars: The Real History of the Golden Dawn and the Ipsissimus

The cast of the third episode of The Irregulars include :

  • Thada Graham as Beatrice, the head of the gang.
  • Darci Shaw as Jessica, Bea’s younger sister.
  • McKell David as Spike, A humourous boy who has the ability to charm people with his words.
  • Jojo Macari as Billy, the oldest in the gang, and met the sisters in the workhouse.
  • Harrison Osterfield as Leopold, the prince suffering from Haemophilia.
  • Royce Pierreson as Dr.Watson, a resident of Baker’s street.
  • Jonjo O’Neill as Mycroft Holmes, elder brother of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Olivia Grant as Patricia Colman Jones, a member of Golden Dawn.
  • Eileen O’Higgins as Alice, deceased mother of Bea and Jess.

Season 1 of The Irregulars was released on 26th March 2021. It consists of a total of eight episodes. Season 2 is not yet released. The Irregulars: The Real History of the Golden Dawn and the Ipsissimus is the third episode of the first series. It is a Netflix original series and can be watched only on Netflix.

The plot of “The Irregulars: The Real History of the Golden Dawn and the Ipsissimus

“Chapter 3:Ipsissimus” begins with Bea meeting Mycroft Holmes in his office. He informs her that he has been trying to reach out to her gang for the past few days and also asked help from Watson and Sherlock to help him to meet them. Then and there Bea makes it very clear that she was not there because of them and either of them has any idea about her secret meeting with Mycroft. She asks him to tell her everything about Dr.Watson but he makes a deal with her. If she agrees to do the task then in return he will tell her everything he knows about Watson.

He tells Bea that he is a member of the Golden Dawn society and he needs her gang for an investigation on a recent murder. The society consists of people who believe in all kinds of paranormal activities and is run by a magus, the head of Golden Dawn. Their magus, Richard Wynn was murdered in a gruesome way and later positioned similar to the magician tarot card. He believes that one of the society members who intend to be the next magus is the murderer. So he appoints Bea and her gang to keep an eye on the society members on their next meeting and find out who is behind all this. Mycroft offers her double the money of what Watson gives her only if she attends the meeting, pretending to be his niece.

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Back at the cellar, Leo wakes up and head towards the street where Bea, Jessica, and Spike are standing when he is intruded on by Billy. Billy tells Leo that posh boys like him don’t care for poor people and all they do is sleep with poor girls and never look back at them. He warns Leo to stay away from Bea. Spike comes in between them and eases the situation. And all five of them heads for Mycroft’s estate.  As they enter the estate’s fate we see that Mike is the one who is concerned about spending the night in the same house as the murderers. But to that Bea reminds him that it is the house where Sherlock grew up and maybe the house contains secrets to whatever is happening around. While going towards the house they spot a huge tower-like building at a faraway distance. Jessica asks that what is the use of such huge buildings to which Leo replies that they in reality have no use. They are just built as ornaments to decorate the garden.

Inside the house, the girls are given big chambers to spend their night and are treated in a luxurious way they have never been treated as. The boys, on the other hand, are given clothes and are appointed to shovel out the charcoal to heat the rooms. While shoveling Leo tells Billy that he is a coward because he never had the courage to tell Bea about his true feelings that he loves her. To that Billy replies that he has been graceful enough but henceforth if Leo tells him anything offensive then he won’t spare him.

In the evening, all the members of the society are gathered for the meeting where Mycroft introduces Bea and Jessica as his nieces. He secretly informs the sisters of their names and occupation. It includes Alan Crawley, R.P. Breakwater, Dion Cross, Gustav Felkin, and Patricia Coleman Jones. They are then asked to leave the room and are taken to another room that contains a peephole through which they can straight look into the meeting room, unnoticed. Inside the room, the members talk about the reason behind the murder and they reach the point that the new magus must be appointed. To that Mycroft suggests that it should be done anonymously.

Spike chats with Mrs.Brown and tricks her to open up about everything she knows about Sherlock Holmes. She tells him that Sherlock left the estate 15 years ago and moved into an apartment in Baker’s street with a man called John Watson. She also reveals that Sherlock left some of his belongings in the upstairs attic and returned one day to hide something up there. Spike and Leo decide to investigate the room and they find that the room is filled with dusty instruments for scientific experiments. They conclude that he must have hidden something in the attic that he does not want the people of Baker’s street to know about. Later Billy and Leo search the room and in the ceiling, they find out an old wooden box. The box is sealed with a riddle as its lock that reads “ I am more foul than devil.

Down in the meeting room, the members started a ritual in which they speak in a cryptic language and Gustav Felkin is selected as the new magus of the London Chapter. Some seem to be okay with it while it is clearly evident on Alan’s face that he is unhappy with the new magus. Back in the room things become awkward for Bea and Jessica as the members undress for a ritual. Later that night, the sisters decide to keep an eye on Gustav to get a clue about the murderer. Suddenly they hear a scream and they run out of the room when they discover that everyone is already standing. They find that Gustav is dead and is wearing a red robe surrounded by swords.

Seeing this, they soon leave the estate building but realizes that the estate premises are under some kind of magic as whichever direction they are going towards, the main building appears in front of them. Leo tells them the way Gustav’s body was positioned meant captivity in the tarot card. They finally give up and go back to the house where everyone is present. They realize that not only the estate is under spell but they are caught in-between time as the time shown by the clock and the time shown by the constellation is not the same. Everyone in the room is aware of who they truly are and they ask them to be alert.

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Bea and Billy decide to interview everyone else while asks Leopold for further investigation on the Sherlock matter. Before interviewing Patricia, Mrs.Brown offers them tea and Bea notices a rather fancy expensive bracelet on Mrs.Brown’s wrist. Patricia informs them that at night she was drinking with the housekeeper and while returning she discovered Gustav’s dead body. She also tells them that before that she saw Breakwater seeking around the house at night. Later Leo explains Bea about the puzzle box and he has been meticulously trying the four-letter words from Dante’s Inferno. Bea suggests him to be easier on his guessing and both of them crack the puzzle which revealed a journal inside the box named ‘The Grimoire of  Sherlock Holmes’.

Downstairs, it is revealed to everyone that Jessica is an Ipsissimus, one who is a true psychic of the highest rank. They insist Jessica join their society as she can help them to achieve extraordinary things. Jessica gets scared looking at their excited behavior and she runs away. Billy goes looking for Jessica when he meets Breakwater and asks him the honest reason for seeking out at night. Breakwater puts his faith in Billy and tells him his secret and asks him to not reveal it to anyone else.

Up in the attic, Leo and Bea are going through the journal when they are interfered by Spike who tells them about what happened downstairs. Leo then finds out about Ipsissimus in the book and tells that someone whose name starts with A warns the Ipsissimus to be very careful. Billy joins them and assures that Breakwater has no hand behind the murders. Billy, Bea, Spike, and Leo all four of them head towards Dion’s room. When they enter Dion’s room, they discover that both Dion and Breakwater are dead and they are positioned in the manner that reads infatuation in the tarot card. And that is the secret Breakwater told Billy that both of them were lovers and it is a crime to be lovers in Society. Bea notices that Dion with her feet tried drawing something in the blood that read ‘XV’.

We see Jessica running in the corridors when she gets infatuated by a woman’s voice who summons her to come towards the ornamental folly. It seems she is in a trance. Others find Mycroft in his study and Billy accuses him to bring all of them in the estate to kill Jessi as he represented the devil that Dion tried to indicate through XV. Mycroft swears that he is not behind all this. Watson and Sherlock must have informed him about Jessica but Mycroft defends himself that he is in no connection with Sherlock for over a decade and has only watched them from a distance. And he never shares any of the information with anybody except Mrs.Brown but she is like a family and won’t tell anyone else.

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Bea realizes that she has seen Mrs.Brown wearing the same bracelet that Patricia was wearing. Hence Patricia is behind all the murders and she must have bribed Mrs.Brown for the information. She used the manipulation spell over Mycroft to call Bea and her friends for investigation in the estate that will help her to have Jessica. They soon realize that Dion tried to write XVI instead of XV but died before that. Dion tried to show them where: the Tower.

Jessica goes inside the folly and finds Patricia there. She is still under the trance and tells Patricia that how much she loves her and even can die for her. Patricia takes Jessica to the top of the building and asks her to hold a large metal-like pole. She tells Jessica to not leave the pole and starts to cast another spell which creates a thunderstorm above them. Spike and Alan are the first to enter the folly and Patricia locks the room behind them. Spike reaches Jessica and asks her to leave the pole. Downstairs, Patricia tries to lure Alan by informing him about the rip and ensures him that she will share the power with him.

Upstairs Spike is successful in convincing Jessica to leave the pole by telling her that how much he loves her and that he wants to spend his entire life with her. He pulls her away from the pole in time when lightning hits the pole. Alan and Patricia enter the terrace when she finds that Jessica has removed her hands from the pole. When she demands Jessica to put her hands back on the pole but Spike does not allow her. Patricia tries to shoot spike with a gun when Alan knocks her towards the pole and she gets struck by the lightning and dies.

Later, the sisters meet Mycroft for their payment when Mycroft informs them that he is not part of GoldenDawn.He explains that he is the head of the government department that deals with paranormal activities. He was appointed to investigate Golden Dawn as it was suspected that there was something wrong with it. He asked his brother to bridge the gap between science and the supernatural but it tore him apart. Sherlock became obsessed with it. Mycroft mentions a rip that was opened 15 years ago.

Back at the cellar, Bea goes up to Leo and tells him that she is feeling cold. To that Leo invites her to sit with him under covers. They go through Sherlock’s grimoire when at the back of the book they find two photographs: one of Dr.Watson and the other of Dr.Watson and a woman. Seeing the second photograph, Bea tells the woman is Alice, her mother. And they realize the woman referred to as A is nobody but their mother. With this, the episode comes to an end.

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