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The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 1: Release Date & Preview

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

The Idaten Deities Know-Only Peace is an anime adapted from the manga. The anime is about the demons who woke up from deep slumber and the descendants of battle-gods called Idaten and humanity. The anime includes Hayato, Easley, Paula, Rin, Prontea, Gil, Pisara, Nickel, Corey, Nept, Miku, Brandy, Takeshita, and Oobami. The gods thought they were in peace, but things changed when someone revives the demons. Let’s find more about the monsters and humanity that exist in the world together.

Hayato is a young man and a  deity who heard legends about demons that got sealed away 800 years ago. The other ”deities” join him after hearing the legendary demon’s story. The deities begin to fight with the monsters along with humans facing complex challenges. Hayato is a young boy with long blond hair and loves to wear a light brown jacket. The young boy begins his training under Rin as one of the Idaten. During the process, Rin summoned a new generation about 80 years ago.

The new generation became a burden since they had no brain and wanted to become stronger. Rin became more robust following the path of the old ”generation.” Prontea became stronger after getting smashed multiple times and had the capabilities to become most robust as an Idaten who seeks power. Hayato loves to insult Rin by calling her old hag, and Rin ends up beating him. One day a supreme being appeared, and they managed to defeat the enemy. The story took place 800 years ago and after 800 years ago.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Summary

Hayato is a tough Idaten who cares about becoming more vital. The upcoming episode title is “Peace.” Hayato love to play with Paula and Isli and enjoy relaxing together. During the battle, Hayato is merciless to any enemies he fights. Miku is a young woman with long hair and loves to wear outfits that leave her body out in the open. She is an Idaten trainer who deals with women collected by Zobul’s army as slaves.

Miku loves being a pervert, and she has excellent insight and wisdom. She loves to discipline the breeding slaves and loves to toys with men. Pisara is a young woman with long hair blonde hair and usually wears a military uniform since she is a General of the Zobul army. Pisara leads the army with her mighty and doesn’t like pervy stuff like Miku. She fights against the men who rape and abuse women and children.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

God of War: Idaten

When she is dealing with the enemies during her mission, Oobami summoned her back to the capital. Eight hundred years after the battle gods called Idaten has passed. During the battle, Idaten used overwhelming speed and strength and contained the demons. The demons were leading the world into ruin during the war. After a long, fierce battle, peace prevails, and that battle became a legendary old tale in a distant myth. The peaceful generation of the gods has never fought after that legendary battle, and they are now out of peace.

A mysterious being revived the demons from a deep slumber. The great battle begins with no rule, no limit, and anyone can bring armed forces, wisdom, politics, and conspiracy. The three-way battle has started between Gods, humans, and demons. God arrived when humanity was on the verge of destruction since the monsters have begun to dominate the world.

Idaten is the God of war who suddenly appeared and sealed off the demons. But after time, the Gods were surprised when the monsters get resurrected in front of Idaten. The new Idaten is in an era of peace and had never been in a battle. The battle for the survival of humans,  gods, and demons begins. That is how the war between the trio begins as they fight to seal the monsters again. Let’s find more about Hayato, a new Idaten who will fight against the demons to protect humanity.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 1 Release Date

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 1 release date is 23 July 2021. You can watch The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace online on Crunchyroll; you can look at the Summer 2021 Anime Watching Guide By OtakuKart.

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