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Preview: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3

The Honor at Magic High School

The entrance exam is on; the students are nervous, but they realize that they have practice a lot. Honoka realizes that she has to relax and gets impressed when Mistuki enters the room calmly, and the students know they don’t have to be afraid. Honoka realizes that the National Magic University Affiliated First High School has 2095 entrance exams. But only one girl toped the score, and she is Miyuki Shiba. Later the matriculation ceremony arrives, and Miyuki gives a speech about enrolling at National Magic University Affiliated First High School. The Honor at Magic High School updates continues below.

Shizuku and Honoka enjoy Miyuki’s speech, and Honoka said she would be Miyuki’s friend. The teachers are glad that Miyuki is doing a great job weaving those rigid phrases into her speech. Later inside class 1, A Honoka practices a welcoming speech in front of Shizuku. Honoka asks Shizuku about the introduction that will leave the best impression on Miyuki. Shizuku looks at the entrance and saw Miyuki while commenting that any introduction will do. Miyuki greets the whole class, and one of the boys comments that she is like a goddess and he would love to get closer to her.

Shizuku told Honoka that Miyuki would be sitting behind them, and Honoka replies that she would have known sooner. Honoka notices that Miyuki is coming and thinks that she has to come up with a tasteful greeting. She ends up falling in front of Miyuki, trying to greet her. The boys laugh at Honoka, and Shizuku wonders if she is okay. The boys comment that they knew that they have a loser in their class. Honoka thinks her high school life is over. Miyuki kneels and helps Honoka to get up, wondering if she is no hurt.

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Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2

Honoka decides to take that as a chance and greets Miyuki that she is Mitsui Honoka. Miyuki replies that she is Miyuki Tsiba, and they can become friends. Honoka is glad that everything ended well in the way she wanted. Shizuku told Miyuki not to mind Honoka since she is always dizzy. Miyuki asks Honoka about her friends. Shizuku told Miyuki that she is Kitayama Shizuku, and she has heard a lot about Miyuki. Miyuki feels like she has met with Honoka somewhere, and Shizuku replies that it was love at fight sight at the test venue. Honoka closes Shizuku’s mouth since she is telling Miyuki everything.

A group of boys keeps on following the trio since they want to be near Miyuki. Those boys headed to a table where there are course two students and told them to move. Miyuki notices that there is someone she knows there and wants to visit them. The brown-haired guy said the table belongs to course one student, and they must get seats first. Tatsuya accepted and said he has done eating while living since he saw his sister. The rest of the crew heads out after Tatsuya signals them. The brown-haired guy said it is the right attitude and told Miyuki that she could take a seat. The guy is not aware that he was messing with Miyuki’s brother.

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School


One of the boys said course two students are weeds, and it will be disrespectful for Miyuki to eat at the same place with them. Everyone agrees, and Miyuki decided to leave the room after getting annoyed by the brat’s behaviors. Honoka and Shizuku follow Miyuki, who apologizes for causing a scene. Honoka tries to recall the name of that guy and finds that Tatsuya is Miyuki’s brother. Shizuku notices that Tatsuya is a talented magician, and he is attending the same school as his talented magician sister Miyuki.

In the afternoon, that brown-haired punk arrives claiming that he is going home with Miyuki. Miyuki said she is going home with Tatsuya, and that guy replies that she has to go with the course, one student. That guy finds that they are siblings and told Miyuki that it doesn’t matter and they have to draw a line between course one and course two. Honoka and Shizuku arrive and notice it is that guy who is after Miyuki. A gang of the brown-haired punks told Miyuki not to hang out with the losers.

Honoka thinks that those boys are horrible and notice that Miyuki is the one who is suffering. Honoka wonders if this guy is Moriyama and decided to confront him. Mizuki tried to talk with Moriyama and told him to behave. Moriyama tries to attack Mizuku by Eri stopped him, and Moriyama’s gang comments that Bloom will never lose to Weed. Student Council President Saedusa arrives and stops the battle. Later Honoka joins Tatsuya’s table and enjoys eating lunch with them.

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The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3 Release Date

The latest episode of The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3 release date is 17 July. You can watch The Honor at Magic High School on Funimation.

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