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The Honor at Magic High Episode 10: Release Date & Preview

Honor at Magic High School

The battle in Nine School Tournament begins with The Honor at Magic High Episode 10, with Tatsuya’s team suffering their first loss during the competitions. This episode will be released on Saturday. Miyuki shakes her with Airi declaring that the war is on since Airi thrashed Subaru ding their match from the latest episode of The Honor at Magic High. Day six of the Nine Schools Competition has begun, the Battle Board and Ice Pillars Break Rookie Events will be held. Honoka is participating in making a comeback from the loss that the team has faced.

Eimi participates in a shooting one and realizes that she has to win to impress Shizuka, Miyuki, and Tatsuya. The Magic High students cheer for Eimi to do her best. Eimi fired her first shot and sent the block of ice to her opponent. Her opponent block that ice and destroys it. The lady realizes that Eimi altered the phenomena by moving her pillar. Eimi told her opponents that she knows that she will try attacking like that. Subaru is impressed after seeing Eimi dropping three pillars of ice and told her to keep it up.

One of the girls thinks that Eimi will get away with a win easily, and Shizuku comments that it is too early to tell. Miyuki supported Shizuku’s words and said Third High must have researched Eimi’s strategy. Eimi unleashed her next move, but her opponent managed to keep the pillars standing. Everyone is surprised to see that the pillars are still standing. Airi is impressed that Shiori is giving Eimi a hard time. Eimi wonders why her plan didn’t work since they didn’t fall. Tatsuya notice that Shiori has pulled a brilliant move.

Previously on The Honor at Magic High Episode 9

Tatsuya comments no one would have thought that Shiori would reduce the ice’s coefficient of friction to zero. Shiori’s team is glad that their strategy is working since the three pillars became one, and Shiori has increased the friction coefficient to the max.  They realize that only Kanou can pull that move, and they are impressed to see Shiori doing it. Back to the battlefield, Shiori thinks that Eimi is out of options, and she will take care of her now in one fell swoop.  Shiori realizes that teaming up with Airi was the best thing to do since she has learned everything from her.

Honor at Magic High School

Honor at Magic High School

Shiori unleashes a massive spell trying to win the battle with a single hit. Eimi wonders what to do in this situation, and she had a flashback. Eimi realizes that grandmother told her something, but she has forgotten. She tried to think about it, and Shiori’s partner overseeing that battle realizes that he has overestimated First Hing engineer. The First High students wonder if it is over for Eimi, and Miyuki reveals it is far from over. Miyuki thinks that Tatsuya has taught Eimi a counterattack for an emergency like this.

Tatsuya analyzed the battle and said they have no chance against their opponents in terms of control. Eimi wonders if this will end with her loss. She realizes that she has worked hard to reach this point and wonders that everyone will forgive her if she loses. Eimi refuses to give up, and her Psions activates. Eimi did something that surprised everyone. She won the battle, and they celebrate. Honoka enters the slide competitions and grabs a triumph. Honoka realizes that Tatsuya taught her something fruitful.

Honor at Magic High School

Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 10 Release Date

The Honor at Magic: High-School Episode 10 will be released on 4 September 2021, at 11:30 PM. The new episode is nearing and will be available online this weekend. The Honor at Magic: High-School is left with two episodes to conclude the episode finale. Let’s look at The Honor at Magic High School’s latest updates below.

Where To Watch Honor at Magic-High School Episode 10

You can watch The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 10 online on Funimation and Bilibili. The Honor at Magic-High School makes its daily news on the Twitter account and official website.

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