How To Watch The Hand Of God?

The Hand of God quickly rose to prominence with its unusual storyline to which almost every other viewer will resonate. Fans immediately fell in love with this film. Moreover, there are multiple things and points that particularly highlight everyone’s likings. Little did you know that the entire film is based on the childhood of the popular Italian film director Paolo Sorrentino. The movie received positive reviews and several critical acclaims as well. Moreover, the viewers have generated a huge interest in their minds since it made it to the Oscars. However, some people are still not aware of how to watch The Hand of God.

Since the film received massive attention, fans have been emerging from every corner of the world to know more about the streaming details of this 2021 film. Moreover, speaking about the nominations, the film got an entry as the Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards. The award ceremony will commence in March 2022. The jury members have taken in multiple movies that premiered between March to December 2021. This film will help you to derive a whole new angle to the story. Viewers were extremely enthralled to watch the story of a young man in the early 1980s.

How To Watch The Hand Of God?

You can watch The Hand of God on Netflix. The newly launched film has become pretty popular amongst all the Netflix fans. Moreover, the movie premiered on November 24, 2021. To watch the movie, you have to get the minimum subscription, and then you’re good to go! Moreover, Netflix came up with the movie on December 15, 2021. Since then, the whole movie has been trending on social media. And guess what? It will be available around 12.00 AM PT and 3.00 AM ET. Many viewers appreciated the storyline and concept of the movie. Apart from this, the actors were heavily praised for their work.

How To Watch The Hand Of God
The Hand Of God

Speaking of the movie, multiple things were revealed after the movie was premiered. According to Paolo Sorrentino, the movie is partially fictional. But still, Paolo wanted to craft his own story in the form of an autobiography. And he had these dreams for a very long time. So one day, he just randomly decided to come up with a story related to his insecurities and inner truths. So, it has been a long time, since, Sorrentino started gathering up different memories to craft a whole plot about his tale. Moreover, the lead actor of this movie had to focus on Sorrentino’s personal life in detail.

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Plot Summary

The movie talks about the life of a 17-year-old boy from Naples who’s pretty introverted and secretive. The lead actor of this film portrayed the role of Fabietto Schisa. Because of his quiet nature, he doesn’t have any friends, and he never socializes with anyone from his place. Fabietto just wanted to focus on his studies related to Philosophy. Growing up, he was interested in all the things that most of the kids do. But he never revealed anything in detail. Apart from these things, he had massive interests in playing soccer.

The story is inspired by the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino
The Hand Of God

Gradually, the hard reality of life hits him, and now Fabietto is all set to lead his life the way he wants to. As the story moves on, Fabietto will understand the importance of Cinema in his life, and soon he will try to direct all his emotions with Cinema as a choice. This film will provide you with a new angle to his journey, where he has to narrate and design his story on his own. The movie is a blend of different genres which includes, a slice of life, tragedy and it is also filled with several inspirational scenes

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Cast & Characters

When it comes to the casting members, the whole movie is filled with new faces, but none of the actors will disappoint you. They are amazing at their work, and every single one of them will not fail to embark multiple feelings in your minds. The characters include the 21-year-old Filippo Scotti as Fabietto Schisa in the lead role. When it comes to the parents of Fabietto, it is done by Toni Servillo as Saverio Schisa and Teresa Saponangelo as Maria Schisa. In the movie, Fabietto’s brother is an aspiring actor.

The movie is filled with mind-blowing characters
The Hand of God (Cast)

Marlon Joubert represents the role as Marchino Schisa. Throughout the whole movie, Marchino plays a strong role in Fabietto’s life. He supports his brother with all the prominent decisions required to lead his life. Another character that gained massive recognition in this movie would be Fabietto’s aunt Patrizia, which Luisa Ranieri portrays. Other characters include Renato Carpentieri as Alfredo, Massimiliano Gallo as Patrizia’s husband, and Sofya Gershevich as Yulia.

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