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The Guardians (2017) Review and Plot Analysis

The Guardians is a 2017 released South Korean drama starring Lee Shi Young, Kim Young Kwang, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Seul Gi, and Key in main lead roles.  Lookout, Protector, Sentinel, and Pasoonggoon are a few popular names of the drama The Guardian. It aired on the original network MBC with the direction under Song Hyung Sook and Park Seung Woo. The screenwriting under Kim Soo Eun.

the guardians 2017

Korean drama Lookout

The Guardian plot review

The guardian was a South Korean drama that aired on the MBC network every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00(KST). The South Korean drama revolves around the life of five people who team up together to serve justice in South Korea. The corruption entitling everywhere stops an ordinary person from getting justice and the ones in power getaway. The group of five friends after losing their loved ones decides to punish the criminals.


The guardian (2017)

The names of the main character are Joo Soo Ji, Jang Do Han, Kim Eun Joong, Seo Bo Mi, and Gong Kyung Soo. Joo Soo Ji is a former shooting playing and works as a detective, she lost her daughter and joined the group to provide justice to people and to find out who keeps evading the law. Jang Do Han is a prosecutor who has his own side of the story and is passionate to serve justice. Kim Eun Joong is Jang Do Han’s fellow colleague who is passionate to provide justice and is also a keen prosecutor, he wants to serve justice so that no one is aloof from the justice of the government and doesn’t have to go through such hardships in order to get justice. Seo Bo Mi sits and analyses the CCTV footage and sits in front of the camera the whole day long. She lost her entire family in a crime incident and mostly avoids socializing. The fifth member of the group is Gong Kyung Soo who is a brilliant mind in hacking and his mother went missing in a sudden incident.

The five people use their grief and anger to gain strong wills and use them for the protection of the law and to provide justice.

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The cast of ” The Guardian”

the guardian

The cast of ” The Guardian”

Under the direction of Song Hyung Sook and Park Seung Woo and screenwriting under Kim Soo Eun, Lee Shi Young has been cast as the main lead for playing the role of Jo Soo Ji. Other main leads include Kim Young Kwang as Jang Do Han, Kim Tea Hoon as Kim Eun Joong, Kim Seul Gi as Seo Bo Mi, and Key as Gong Kyung Soo.

Lee Shi Young is an actor, singer, model, and retired boxer of South Korea. She gained her popularity after playing the role of Oh Min Ji in Boys Over Flowers, and since then she has also appeared in numerous tv shows, dramas, and movies.

Kim Young Kwang is a South Korean model and actor, he came to light from his dramas such as Plus Nine Boys and Pinocchio. Since then he has been active and has worked in several tv shows, dramas, movies, and specials. His famous works include Pinocchio, D- day, On your wedding day, and many more.

Where to watch ” The Guardians”


The Guardian Korean Drama

The South Korean drama, the guardian can be watched easily on the original networks MBC, Kocowa, Netflix, and Viki. The drama has a total of 32 episodes which aired from 22nd May 2017 to 11th July 2017 on MBC. The approximate duration of each episode is 35mins and the genres include action, thriller, law, and crime.

The guardian is also popularly known as Lookout, Protector, Sentinel, and watchmen.

The drama depicts a unique relation between the five follow members of the group, their emotional un-stability and bringing that into their power to fight back. Though the drama did not stand in the top 20 charts of South Korea but yet managed to gain the attention of the viewers across Asia. After its release in South Korea, it also aired in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

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