The God Committee Ending Explained: Money or Moral?

the God Committee ending
The God Committee

Doctors hold the threads of our lives. They are responsible for our births, for saving our lives, and even they can push us to death. A drama based on the doctors and their decisions is precisely depicted on the screen with the name ‘The God Committee’. The God Committee’s ending is however unpredictable, and the whole film contains so many twists and turns. In the present world, it is very difficult to trust anybody, including doctors, as the world is full of selfishness and humanity is nearly extinct. There are many examples in our day-to-day life showing the same. The biggest example we have faced recently is in the Covid-19 pandemic phase. There were many news of hospitals playing with the lives for money and even looting the patients.

The whole storyline of the movie revolves around the efforts or steps taken by the doctors for organ transplantations. “Money can buy anything”. This quote is highlighted in the plot as money can even let doctors play with the lives of their patients. Although there are some doctors who run behind money, there are some genuine doctors and people still remaining in the universe who give more importance to moralities than money or materialistic gains. The God Committee is also based on research gleaned from the organ transplantation industry.

The God Committee
The God Committee

The storyline of the God Committee

The whole story of the film is centered on how a doctor reacts to any confusing situation. On a particular day, a surgeon, Dr. Andre Boxer, got to know about an accident of a teenager in Boston. The doctors, although they couldn’t save his life but they preserved his heart that can be used to save someone’s life. Serena was next to the queue for organ donation in the organ transplant committee. However, she was very aged, and all knew that she wouldn’t be able to sustain for long even after the transplantation, they had to follow the committee.

Serena died at the hospital in the OT, and after that, they had to decide the next receiver. Meanwhile, Boxer was under a project, “X Origins”, based on transplanting a nonhuman organ to a human, which would be able to save so many lives worldwide. The further story revolves around whom they select for the heart and what happens to the X Origins.

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The God Committee’s ending explained

There were three candidates for heart transplantation in the queue- Walter Curtis, Janet Pike, and Trip Granger. The heart has to be given to the most deserving person to whom the heart could really make some sense the most. Walter had bipolar disorder and had attempted suicide in his past, so he was out of the list. Jenet had no support system and was also rude to the hospital staff. While Trip had a history of drug overdoses because of which he had to transplant his heart. Also, he was the son of Emmett, a very rich man who even bribed the management for his son to get the heart.

He was not to be chosen as he was careless as well as an addict who could again damage his heart. There is nothing that money can’t buy, as a result, against Boxer, Trip’s heart got transplanted but couldn’t survive after six months from another episode of drug abuse.

Boxer, in the future, failed in his experiment and needed more time to do further research and get the results. His health, however, deteriorated, and he needed organ transplantation to survive. Although Boxer didn’t want the organ as he thought there are more deserving persons remaining, Jorden, his lover, forced him for the transplantation as it was necessary for the project. Boxer had to go to Turkey for the operation, but he died on the airplane.

After his death, Jordan continued X Origin by transplanting a pig’s heart into a monkey’s body. And yes, the heart worked, X Origin survived. This incredible success of X Origin can bring about a major medical revolution, a dream of Boxer.

The God Committee Ending Explained
The God Committee

Facts about the God Committee

The God Committee is an American drama film released in 2021. Austin Stark is the writer and director of the movie. The movie contains a great moral for all of us. It is actually based on the stage play, which was written by Mark St. German, an American playwright. The main cast consists of Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Boxer, Julia Stiles as Jordan, Dan Hedaya as Emmett Granger, Colman as Dunbar, Janeane as Dr. Gilroy, Peter Kim as Dr. Allen, and Patrica as nurse Wilkes.

Money or Moral

In the movie, it clearly depicts that many people run behind money and forget that there is a world far beyond materialistic comfort. For some money, people even risk the lives of others. The positive stream of humanity must be spread all over the world. Mainly, the life saviors must keep in mind that they are given such a high responsibility of saving lives. They are even given the designation of god by many.

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