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10 The Flash Facts Totally Worth Knowing, And Why

the Flash

The flash is an American tv series. The series revolves around Barry Allen, who is an incarnation of the DC superhero, The Flash. It exists in the Arrowverse and is a spin-off from Arrow, which is also a superhero series. He gets struck by lightning and gains superpowers which he uses to fight evil. The character appeared in Arrow for two episodes and got immense praise for the same. This led to the making of a separate series for the flash.

The series is currently on its seventh season and has been renewed for the eighth season by CW recently. It is a superhero action and drama series that has got immense love from the audience. The series first premiered in North America on 7th October 2014. It won the people choice award for “Favourite new Tv Drama” in 2014. The series currently has 135 episodes with a running time of 41-45 minutes each.

Even though the series has received an immense amount of love, there are still many moments and facts that even the die-hard fans are unaware of. To help you out with such amazing and interesting facts, we at Otakukart bring you ten facts that you might not know about The Flash.

The Flash top facts

The Flash

1. If The Flash wouldn’t have succeeded, he would’ve been seen on Arrow

Arrow planned to bring Barry Allen back as the flash later in the same season where he was introduced in a two-part episode of the same series. It was, however, decided by the authorities that there will be a show for the character.

They did so because they were confident that the series would receive love just like his inclusion on Arrow did. But it was decided that even if the pilot doesn’t do that well, viewers will see the character on Arrow again.

2. The Flash has an evil brother

Barry Allen had an evil brother named Malcolm Thawne, who was replaced by a doctor and given to someone else to save his reputation. This was revealed years later. When Malcom realized it, he turned into Cobalt Blue to take away his brother’s powers. He wanted to also wipe out his brother’s descendants.

3. Psychics can’t read Flash’s mind

Flash is one of the most powerful heroes whose mind can move just as fast as it can. This is helpful for him to devise plans while fighting. This also acts as a protection against psychic attacks. Gorilla Grodd has mind control powers, but he cannot use them against Barry because his mind moves extremely fast and is impossible to read due to this.

4. Flash is faster than Superman

Superman and the Flash are seen racing each other however it is always interrupted by some villain. Due to this, we never got the answer. In the Flash: Rebirth, the fans get an answer. Barry admits that their races were for charity and then zooms beyond him.

Flash top 10 facts


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5. Marvel paid tribute to the Flash

When Barry Allen sacrificed himself to save reality, not just DC, even Marvel paid tribute to him. The character “Buried Allen” was created to pay tribute to him.

He suffered amnesia and ran into marvel universe from DC universe. He was called the fastest man in the universe, but this time it was the marvel universe.

6. Barry turns into the lightning bolt that gave him his powers

The Flash comics have loads of time travel. Barry Allen got struck by lightning when chemicals fell on him. This was when he got his powers. He was initially unaware of his power.

The Flash: Rebirth is set after the events in Final Crisis. It is centered around Barry Allen’s return. Reverse-Flash returns to take revenge from Barry and goes back in time to kill Iris. Barry, while chasing him, pushes the time barrier and breaks it. After this, he becomes the lightning bolt that struck him and gave him his powers.

7. Flash is more powerful than most people can imagine

Flash can run a million times faster than the speed of light. He has the ability to make alternate timelines and also time travel. He can hit people with the mass of an asteroid. He can’t be touched or seen if moving fast enough.

The Flash DC Universe

8. Barry Allen gives Green Arrow the tour of the afterlife

The green arrow dies before the “final night.” Hal Jordan uses his power to resurrect Green Arrow’s body right before he dies while saving the world. While he is trying to find a place in the world, he is sent to the afterlife by batman. He meets Hal Jordan there. Only his body was resurrected and not his memories. He meets Barry Allen, who gives him the tour of heaven, and he is reunited with his spirit.

9. Andy Mientus wanted to play the lead

Andy Mientus auditioned to play the Flash. He did not receive the role but can be seen as Pied piper. The Flash would’ve definitely been different if the role would’ve been played by anyone else than Gustin.

10. Flash named himself after his favorite superhero

When Barry got his powers, he was sure that he had to use these powers to help the world but was confused about what to call himself. He took inspiration from a flash comic book about the adventures of Jay Garrick and decided that he should name himself after the original Flash. Jay lived in a separate universe, and once the universe crossover, the concept of the multiverse was introduced.

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