The Ending of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Explained: What Can We Expect in Season 4?

The Ending of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Explained
Stranger Things: Season 3

Stranger Things has just wrapped up season 3, and it looks better than ever. It is no short of a superhero movie, with all the character arcs which are sure to keep a hold on the audience. Season 3 has surely managed to make the viewers’ brains do some serious work. Have you caught up on the show? Did it break your heart to see the ending in such a parting way? Well, you need not worry as there will be a season 4. In this article, you will have the ending of “Stranger Things” Season 3 explained, and also what to expect in Season 4.

In Season 3, we got a lot of new revelations, faced new villains, and even lost some of our favorite characters. However, the ending of Season 3 made some fans worry about how the next season was going to proceed. The villains in the latest season were quite powerful, which even destroyed half of the town. How are El and her group going to counter the next set of villains? Will we get to see the Russian and US governments getting involved in the next season? A lot of questions will be answered in this article.

“Stranger Things” Season 3 Recap

Before we get into the ending of season 3 and try to de-code what is going to come up, let us first have a quick recap. Like every other season, we were introduced to a new set of villains in this season too. This time it was just not the “mind flare” demons that have come from the world of Upside Down. There are also the Russians who are trying to open other portals to let the demonic creatures come through. It is up to El and her friends to stop the Russians and save their town, Hawkins.

The Ending of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Explained
El tries to have a normal life in this season.

However, there are numerous epic battles fought, one of them being El trying to fight off the mind flares. She comes across the mind flares multiple times, and her powers are nearly exhausted. At first, she finds the demon within Billy. Back in season 2, Billy was quite hated by the fans for his bad attitude. Yet, in this season, we get to see a background story and feel empathetic towards the guy. However, in the end, he gets killed as the mind flare escapes his body. Another time, El has to fight off the even stronger version of the mid flare in Hopper’s cabinet. She nearly exhausts her powers doing so.

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Meanwhile, for closing off the teleporter beam and event lighting off the Russian guards, Joyce and Hopper take on the responsibility. Being adults, they feel that they would be more suitable to handle this part. They infiltrate to the position of the beam with great difficulty. As Hopper closes off the beam with a key, he makes it barely in time. During the closing of the teleporter, there is a huge explosion, and we come to believe that Hopper is dead. Joyce and El have nothing much left in the town, and they decide to leave Hawkins. This made the viewers quite sad and wondering about the next season.

The Ending of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Explained

In the ending of The Stranger Things Season 3, the first theory that most of the fans sternly believe in is that Hopper is not dead. Hopper has always been a crucial character in the show. It is highly unlikely that the creators would so soon kill off El’s father. Even when he was just starting to grow. Another evidence is when we were never shown a body of Hopper. It has just been assumed that he is dead. There is a high chance that the explosion might have forced him to get into another dimension. In a post-credits scene, we find the Russians referring to an American. This could be Hopper.

The Ending of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Explained
The Demonic Mind Flares

Another thing that worried the fans was that we found that El could not use her powers anymore. We are also not informed where did Joyce and El move out. The group is divided, and the biggest question is how are they going to fight the villains? The war has just started, and it is quite clear that the Russians will strike back again. There is a high probability that perhaps the next season will have two settings, one in Hawkins and the other where El lives. There is a high chance that El will find out about Hopper, and he will be the reason for her powers to come back.

Regarding El’s powers, it is thought that due to the intense trauma that she had to go through, she cannot use them like before. Though we know that her power needs to be recharged, yet even after three months, it seems like they are not back. Perhaps the return of Hopper could bring back her powers again. We just have to wait for Season 4 to get all our theories and questions resolved.

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