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Bird Box Ending Explanation: Why is it Different from the Original Novel?

Bird Box Movie Ending Explanation
Movie Bird Box Poster

The ending of Bird Box’s explanation is quite difficult to interpret. Why is the ending different from the original novel? Have you watched the Netflix movie and are still curious what does the ending means? Then, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk in detail about how the horror-filled film ended. Most of the movies have post-credits scenes. However, there is no such thing in the film. But, the movie’s climax left many rooms for questions and debates in the minds of the audiences. One could see that the film ending is different from the novel’s ending, despite the movie following exactly the storyline from the novel.

Bird Box found its inspiration from Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name. Susanne Bier is the director of the movie, with Sandra Bullock as the leading actress. The film keeps everyone hooked until the end as it does not show the mysterious monsters. The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world wherein more than half of the population is gone due to a strange entity. The film features how Malorie, with her two children, tries to reach a safe community while traveling blindly.

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Malorie and Her Children Reaches the Safe Community at the Bird Box’s Ending

Malorie and her two children find themselves at the sanctuary after traveling down a dangerous river for forty-eight hours. Moreover, they have to keep themselves blind in fear of the unforeseen danger that enters into anyone’s body when seen through naked eyes. The trio hears winds blowing and birds chirping as they approach the sanctuary. Finally, they find a safe community and are allowed to enter. Rick comes and introduces himself as the owner of the building. Likewise, he was the man who had previously spoken to Malorie through radio and gave her the information of the existence of the safe community.

How did the Movie Bird Box Ended?

Chaos ensuing among people in Bird Box

Later on, Rick introduces the Mother and her two children to people and the sanctuary. Malorie is surprised to see most of the people blind. Rick explains how the place was originally built for blind people. Thus, the unknown entity could not harm them, and they remained safe. Malorie and the children are surprised by the existence of such a place. Furthermore, they also reunited with Dr Lapham. At last, Malorie names their children Tom and Olympia, remembering her ex-partner and Mother.

How Is It Different from the Original Novel?

Bird Box’s ending is somewhat different from the original novel’s ending. People have blinded themselves in the safe community for keeping the evil force away towards the ending of the novel. But, the movie ended on a positive note as the community itself was a place for blind people originally. Gradually, they open their safe community to other survivors. Greenery and birds also cover up the sanctuary’s ceiling. Thus, the outside view is being blocked this way. Eric Heisserer, the movie writer’s explains the reasons for changing the ending. They wanted to deliver a more optimistic ending to the audience. Infact, the writer himself wants an optimistic ending even in dystopian thriller films. Moreover, he is not the one to accept negativity considering the world he is living in currently.

Bird Box Ending

Malorie is in the forest trying to escape the unknown entity

Explaining The Ending of Bird Box

Bird Box, which begins with an intense plot, ended with a hope-filled and positive climax for the family. The creators and writers did a good job of changing the movie’s ending from the novel one. They made a difference to everyone by delivering a positive note. At the end of the day, everyone wants a happy and hopeful ending, no matter it is in the movie or ordinary life. The family safely reached the sanctuary. They got the hope to live after seeing everyone in the safe community.

Finally, Malorie also names her children, which shows that she is looking to the children’s future now. Initially, Malorie was afraid to grow attached to the children. Thus, she has never named them for five years. The importance of faith also got represented towards the movie’s end. The blind faith power which Malorie also took for crossing the river by blindfolding herself and her children. 

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