Spoilers & Recap: The Devil Judge Episode 9

The Devil Judge Episode 9
The Devil Judge cr: Viki

The Devil Judge Episode 9 is right around the corner. The Devil Judge is an ongoing South Korean Television Series. Moreover, the drama has done its job like no other. Each and everything of the drama, like the cast and production, has been perfect. The cast of the drama is full of talented actors and actresses. The drama stars Got7’s Jinyoung, Park Gyu Young, Ji Sung, and Kim Min Jung. Each of the cast members has done a great job in portraying their characters. Their acting has given the audience a good scare and plenty of goosebumps.

Other than the extremely talented cast, the production of the drama must be highly praised. The production team of the drama has done a splendid job in showcasing the luxurious parties that the rich have. Plus, they have done a fantastic job in showcasing how the poor societies as well. The drama had caught everyone’s attention since the release of the first episode. Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out the release date of The Devil Judge episode 7 then, keep reading. Plus, we could also be discussing what you can expect from the upcoming episode.

The Devil Judge Episode 9 Release Date

The release date of The Devil Judge Episode 9 is on the 31st of July. The drama releases its episodes on Rakuten Viki too. The fans are of the drama are waiting excitedly for the next episode to get released. Each and every episode reveals a plot twist that twists our brains. The previous episodes of The Devil Judge had the same effect. You literally cannot shut your eyes as each second of the drama is crucial. And we really love the growth of the characters in the drama. Particularly we are waiting to see who wins the battle between the power-hungry Jung Sun Ah and devilish Kang Yo Han. And whether characters like Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun will get out of the crazy battle safely.

The devil judge episode 9
The Devil Judge

The drama had aired its first episode on the 3rd of July and planned to release its last episode on the 22nd of August. The series will consist of 16 episodes that will be aired on tvN. The drama had taken the slot of the tvN drama Mine, which started Ji Sung’s wife, Lee Bo Young. Nevertheless, it too gives out as much as excitement Mine had given the audience. Furthermore, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM KST, all The Devil Judge fans drop everything they are doing to watch the drama. This drama airs at 7:00 AM according to Central Daylight Time. As mentioned earlier, the episodes are available with subtitles in various languages on Rakuten Viki. Now that you know the release date and where to watch The Devil Judge Episode 9, you can sit and enjoy.

What to Expect from The Devil Judge Episode 9?

When it comes to a mind-blowing drama like The Devil Judge, you never know what to expect. So far, every episode has presented a new twist that has us questioning everything we know. The previous episodes showed how psychotic Jung Sun Ah actually is. Although the drama is showing Kang Yo Han in a good light, for now, I and many other fans doubt that it’s going to last long. Moreover, Jinyoung keeps proving with each and every episode that he is an amazing actor. In the coming episodes, it will be thrilling to see which side he chooses. Will he listen to his teacher who had supported and guided him when he was at rock bottom? or Will he join hands with Kang Yo Han and treat law and order as a game? Whichever side he chooses, one thing is for sure, tons of chaos is a must.

The Devil Judge Epsiode 9
The Devil Judge cr: Viki

Although not a lot of spotlight is given to Soo Hyun, fans find her character very interesting. Depending on whatever side Ga On chooses, it will be interesting to see Soo Hyun’s reaction. Moreover, one character that is dreaming of having the spotlight on herself alone is Associate Judge Oh Jin Joo. Now that Sun Ah is interested in her, we see fire for power in her eyes. Be sure you tune in to watch The Devil Judge Episode 9.

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