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The Detective Is Already Dead: New Visuals & Cast

'The Detective Is Already Dead', C(ENGI)

The fans of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ are extremely hyped up and excited to find out that it is going to be adapted into an animated television and web series this year! As we already know, ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ is originally a Japanese light novel series that had been written by the great Nigoju. Umibozu had illustrated it. ‘Media Factory’, the publishing company, collected the light novel series into four separate volumes in the November of 2019. In the month of May, exactly a year ago, ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ was adapted into a manga comic series, which was being printed by the same publishing company as well. ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ started serializing in the Seinen Manga Magazine known as the ‘Monthly Comic Alive’. The manga comic series was illustrated by Mugiko and was collected into a single volume.

In the month of January, back in 2020, ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ was announced to receive an animated television and web series. Being directed by the talented Manabu Kurihara, ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ animated series is going to be produced by the ‘ENGI Production House’. The crew is made up of talented artists such as Yosuke Ito, who will be designing the animated characters, and Deko Akao, who has written the script of the animated television and web series. Nonetheless, nobody knows who will be in charge of handling the official soundtrack of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’, as of yet. Set to be released this year itself, the animated series will be broadcasted worldwide on various channels such as AT – X, BS – NTV, Tokyo MX, MBS TV, TBS TV, BS – TBS. BS11, BS TV, and a lot more! A large number of online platforms and websites will be streaming ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’, as well!

The official trailer of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’

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What is the main plot of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’?

‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ is an adventurous fantasy with a hint of romance in it. The main plot of the animated television and web series revolves around Kimizuka Kimihiko, an unlucky high schoolboy. He was extremely accident-prone! Wherever he would go, something unusual, disastrous or dangerous would occur. Be it a crime scene or a drug deal went wrong, his mental state had gotten accustomed to being around different sorts of crisis. Therefore, Kimizuka was not surprised when the flight that he was on goes into emergency mode. A detective on board was desperately needed! Kimizuka was seated right next to a beautiful girl. After getting to know her, Kimizuka found out that she was an undercover detective known as Siesta.

Charmed by Kimizuka, she decides to bring him along to assist her in the various cases she requires to solve. That is when the adventure of Kimizuka and Siesta has begun as they started solving cases from all around the world. These cases were immensely dangerous and tricky, some of them were even life-threatening! Nevertheless, the two never hesitated in helping those in need. Unfortunately, their detective life came to an end due to the untimely death of Siesta. Completely heartbroken and shattered, Kimizuka tries to forget about the girl he shared a close bond with by returning to his original high school life. However, things take an unexpected turn when a girl walks into his life. She was hostile, noisy, a little mischievous, and looked exactly like Siesta!


The Official Poster Of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’, C(ENGI)

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What do we know about the cast of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’?

Let us get to know the cast of this animated television and web series. Starting with the main protagonist of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’, Kimizuka Kimihiko has been voiced by Sin Nagai. Next, the character of Siesta has been voiced by Saki Miyashita. There are a bunch of supporting characters like Nagisa Natsunagi who has been voiced by Ayana Taketatsu, Yui Saikawa has been voiced by Kanon Takao and Charlotte Arisaka Anderson has been voiced by Saho Shirasu.

Other characters like Komori have been voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Chameleon has been voiced by Takehito Koyasu. Lastly, the character of Alicia has been recently added to the cast and characters of ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’. Her character has been voiced by Maria Naganawa.

Where and when will ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ get released?

‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ is going to get released sometime in the month of July, this year. The exact date of the premiere of the animated series has not been disclosed by the producers, as of yet. Nonetheless, you can watch ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ on various online platforms such as Crunchyroll, once it gets released!

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