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Preview & Recap: The Detective is Already Dead Episode 3

The Detective is Already Dead
The Detective is Already Dead

Siesta and Kimihiko continue to work together after getting married. The two are working on something and Kimihiko. Kimihiko wonders why all Siesta’s plans involved his death. Siesta told Kimihiko not to worry since she will erase his browser history after his death. Siesta is a detective fighting the enemies of humanity, and Kimihiko has spent three years adventuring across the world with her. Those days have ended, and Kimihiko returns to high school senior and enjoys his everyday life. The Detective is Already Dead continues without Siesta on a picture, let’s find out what events occur before episode 3.

Kimihiko walks alone and realizes that he played the part perfectly, but the detective is already dead. Later Kimihiko arrives at school, and a girl pulls him by his collar and realizes that it is for the second time when a girl threatens him. The girl asks him if he is the ace detective that she has heard about, Kimizuka Kimihiko. Kimihiko realizes that he spent a year without hearing that word, and he doesn’t like it since he has seen many incidents because of that name. He told the girl that she got the wrong guy.

The girl insisted that he is the ace detective, and Kimihiko wonders why this girl behaves this way. She notices that he won’t tell her and grab his head and roll her chest on his face. Kimihiko jumped back and said to her that he wants nothing from her. The girl told him that it is just a hug. The girl offered her hand pulling Kimihiko and said to him that she is Natsunagi Nagisa. Nagisa told Kimihiko that she wasn’t a favor from him and he must find someone that went missing.

Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 2

Nagisa keeps on talking about the ace detective, and Kimihiko said it is not him. Nagisa showed him all the related files and proves that he is an ace detective. Kimihiko accepted her offer to search for that person Nagisa wants to meet. Kimihiko asks her who they are looking for, and Nagisa said only Kimihiko could find that person. The two head to the restaurant and begins to take about the missing case.

Kimihiko wonders if she is looking for an unknown person, and she replies that she hung up on them. Nagisa said she spent a year without meeting with those people. Kimihiko asks what happened a few years ago, and Nagisa replies that she almost died and she got saved and given a new life. Nagisa reveals that the heart beating in her chest is not hers; it belongs to someone. Kimihiki wonders if it is a heart transplant. Nagisa replies that she had a heart condition for her whole life.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

Ace Detective

Nagisa used to go in and out of the hospital, but last year they find a donor, and she had transplant surgery. Kimihiko realizes that Nagisa is looking for the person that gave her a heart. Nagisa told Kimiko that she desires to meet with the owner, and she wants to repay the heart and life she received. Kimihiko wonders if Nagisa will pay her, and she replies that she will allow him to rest his head on her chest.

Kimihiko wonders what kind of deal is that and the two decided to help each other. They chose the location for the meeting and met in the afternoon. Kimihiko was the first one to arrive and wonders where is Nagisa. He felt a tap from the back and notice that it is Nagisa. Kimihiko keeps on staring at her, and she told him that she is not his girlfriend that he can look like that. Kimihiko reminds her that she doesn’t have to leave her chest open since he is not her boyfriend but her classmate.

Nagisa stood in front of him, and Kimihiko said he is not looking at her chest. Kimihiko notices that she wasn’t to tease him and told her that she has a beautiful chest. Nagisa closes her chest and scolds Kimihiko. A Thug tried to pass with a bag, but Kimihiko catches him before escaping and handing over the bag to its owner. Nagisa gets impressed by Kimihiko’s detective skills. Later, Kimihiko finds the truth about Nagisa’s heart and consoles her, but another girl came and said she requested an ace detective when he is leaving.

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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 3 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 3 release date is 18 July 2021. You can The Detective is Already Dead online on Funimation and ANIPLUS.

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