The Delicious Party Precure Film Scheduled for September 2022

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Delicious Party Precure Film Announced 2022
Delicious Party Precure Film Announced 2022

The Delicious Party Precure film by Toei Animation is announced for this year. The upcoming movies belong to the Pretty Cure franchise which is famous for producing anime series based on girls. If you like to watch films and anime series that focus on the girls and is picturized in all bright colors then this is for you. The animes are typically Shojos and always have pretty and cute girls as their protagonists. All the films and movies center on fairies or magical girls that come together to fight the evil forces. The franchise is created by Izumi Todo in collaboration with Bandai and was produced by Asahi Broadcasting.

The announcement was made on 3rd February 2022 by Toei Animations that the movie is going to be out soon this year. As per the words by the creators, the keyphrase of the plot of the movie is “Meals bring smiling faces”. Just like the whole anime series, this movie is also set up in the CooKingdom which is an unknown and mysterious realm that is responsible for the cuisine of the whole world. All the series from the franchise is shojo and widely loved by all the genders and ages of viewers. Just now as the release of the film has been released fans are waiting for it to drop out with the same enthusiasm. Let’s see when we are going to get the new anime film.

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About Delicious Party Precure

Delicious Party Precure is also known as Delicious Party Pretty Cure is a Japanese magical girl anime series by the Pretty Cure franchise. The anime is created by Toei Animation and is known as the nineteenth installment from Pretty Cure. The series is directed by Toshinori Fukazawa and its music is given by Shiho Terada. The anime is licensed to Crunchyroll for its streaming all over the world. It is released recently on 6th February 2022 and has aired its first episode. The manga adaption of Delicious Party Precure is also scheduled for March 2022. It is going to be written by Izumi Todo and demonstrated by Futago Kamikita. Kodansha publications with publishing the whole manga under the genre shojo.

The plot of the recently released anime series is set up in the fictional world of Cookingdom. The kingdom is solely responsible for the cuisines present all over the world. However, the peacefulness of the kingdom turned into a hassle when its secret recipe Bon was stolen. It was stolen by a bunch of phantom thieves who goes by the name “Phantom Bundle Gang”. The gang aims to have a monopoly over the cooking of the whole world as they wanted to capture the Recipepe. In order to stop these fairies reach out to humans in town and met a 13-year-old girl named Yui Nagomi and her friends. Now they have become the pretty cures in order the prevent these thieves from capturing Recipepe and retrieving the recipe – Bon.

Delicious Party Precure
Delicious Party Precure

The Delicious Party Precure Film scheduled for September 2022

The anime series Delicious Party Precure just have dropped a single episode and already has gained so much popularity. Isn’t it obvious since Pretty Cure is one of the best franchises to reach for some awesome Shojo animes? The announcement regarding the movie has already been and according to it the theme song of the movie “Cheer! Delicious Part Precure” is going to be the theme song. The cheerful song is given by Chihaya Yoshitake along with the ending theme “Delicious Happy Day”.

Delicious Party Precure
Delicious Party Precure

Last year the franchise has released a movie “Tropical – Rouge! Precure the Movie The Snow Princess and Miraculous Ring”. The movie was said to be a super hit and was ranked 1 as it earned US $1.48 million in the opening weekend. In the first two days, it witnessed the sale of 141,000 tickets. This year, the new movie from the Pretty Cure franchise is going to hit the theatres on 23rd September 2022. Viewers along with all the concerned authorities are expecting to have the same response this year too. Until the movie drops out stay tuned with the anime series Delicious Party Precure which is going to update new episodes every Sunday. You can find these episodes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others too.

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