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The Day Before Release Date: The Date Has Been Revealed And It Is Near

The Day Before Release Date
The Day Before

The Day Before is a highly anticipated open-world multiplayer survival game. Some gamers have compared it to The Last of Us and The Division, while others have claimed that the gameplay and graphics are too fantastic to be real. The reveal of The Day Before caught the professional gaming scene off guard. Fntastic is best known for the games Dead Dozen (which is still in Steam Early Access), Radiant One (a mobile adventure game), and The Wild Eight (a survival game). In the meantime, MyTona has primarily released free-to-play mobile games.

People are taking notice of “The Day Before,” which looks spectacular. It’s “set in a grim, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry sick and survivors killing each other for food, guns, and automobiles,” according to MyTona. Can this upstart IP hold its own against the AAA games that influenced it? Time is the only one who will tell if this is the case. Here’s what we know so far about “The Day Before” until then.

The Day Before Release Date

“The Day Before” was introduced by Fntastic on January 27, 2021, and it appears to be very well along in development — which is fortunate, considering it was previously listed on Steam as “Coming Soon,” but now Fntastic has disclosed its release date. Given the short time between announcement and launch, it appears that rapid development is taking place behind the scenes. It’s unlikely that players will have to wait long for more information about “The Day Before.” The Day Before will be released on June 21, 2022, which is not too far away.

The Day Before - Open World

The Day Before – Open World

“The Day Before” will be available exclusively for PC, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist. There’s no indication on whether or not a beta test will be held before the full release or whether the game will be released on any other platforms. Players of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, however, have reason to be optimistic. The Fntastic co-founders told GamingBolt that they won’t be able to adapt the game to our NES but that they’re looking into next-gen systems and that we’ll have to wait for that special announcement.

The Day Before Trailer

The Day Before’s announcement trailer is longer than others, clocking in at just under five minutes and featuring a significant amount of gameplay. And it was this clip that generated the most of the game’s first excitement. Some YouTube users were wary of the final product’s quality and scripted nature, wondering whether it was too good to be true, but the teaser provided some tantalizing hints of what might be coming.

One player is seen fighting against others in the announcement clip. Saving an office while staying away from the infected and walking around a city with excellent lighting, weather effects, and a great deal of detail. There’s also some contemporary humor, pop culture references, and current events. The newspaper with the headings about billionaires getting richer and the hint to “Winter is Coming” is spot on! There’s also some witty banter. On February 24, Fntastic released a 22-second Teaser Trailer to prepare for additional gameplay and feature announcements at IGN Fan Fest 2021.

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The Gameplay Of The Day Before: Execution Of The Idea Must Be Unique

According to the official “The Day Before” description, “you wake up alone in a world you don’t recall, venturing out to find answers and the supplies you need to survive.” As you scavenge automobiles, residences, even buildings, you’ll have to battle with infected and other gamers. The plot sounds a little like The Walking Dead, with Rick Grimes as the main character waking up in a zombie-infested world. Whether it’s a movie, a drama, or a video game, many individuals have employed this setup. Let’s take a look at how The Day Before differs.

The Day Before Release Date

The Gameplay Of The Day Before – Zombie storyline

The game will also feature “realistic” weapons and the exploration of “beautiful yet perilous places,” according to the press release. You’ll meet survivors who are attempting to restore the world to its former grandeur in addition to gunplay. You can communicate to other survivors and sell your loot in a survivor colony. Your objective is to become a new world legend. Many people have utilized this as well. If The Day Before is going to stand out, they’ll have to do something different with their execution.

During IGN Fan Fest 2021, Fntastic and MyTona released a combat gameplay clip in addition to the announcement trailer. Before allegedly concluding with the player’s unfortunate death, the film gave a preview of the complex surroundings and shooting mechanics in “The Day Before.” It’s unclear how Fntastic intends to handle player death and progression or whether all firefights will be as brief as the one depicted.

Three Factors Would Determine Your Survival

In a lot of respects, “The Day Before” appears prepared to deliver on its “MMO survival game” idea. Players will have to keep track of three different on-screen gauges: temperature, energy, and dehydration, according to developer interviews. These gauges are affected by a variety of circumstances, including the in-game actions you take, the food and liquids you ingest, and the weather. If you’re exhausted, it appears like you’ll sustain damage until you eat, with the type of food you consume potentially affecting how much energy you regain.

Weather will affect your survival

Weather will affect your survival.

The dynamic weather system introduced in “The Day Before” has the ability to both reduce and boost your chances of surviving. While extended exposure to harsh elements, such as being caught in a blizzard, will almost certainly kill you, certain forms of weather will allow you to travel the world undetected. For example, wind muffles sound, making it easier to navigate around an area without waking up neighboring opponents or people. However, it is yet unknown how well the wind dampens sounds. Those seeking a stealthier approach should nevertheless avoid racing through locations or breaking through doors since these acts will almost certainly attract unwelcome attention.

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Scavenge & Craft With What You Have

Scavenging is emphasized heavily in the marketing for “The Day Before,” and it appears that players will have a wide range of components and objects to obtain. According to developer interviews, these products and materials can be sold or used to make resources like medkits. The team has also confirmed the availability of leisure and luxury items like as comics and watches, which you can pawn or keep for some light enjoyment in your spare time.

The Day Before Release Date

Scavenge every place.

Scavenging is highlighted in the April 9, 2021, Official Gameplay Trailer, with the player holding “F” to search various types of containers. Similarly to the other primary selling factors that “The Day Before” has to offer. While Fntastic has stressed the realism of the scavenging and crafting systems, many viewers on YouTube and r/Games appear to believe that this assertion contradicts the footage shown so far. One of the most common complaints is that the player character wastes many seconds looting a single can of soda from a truck full of unopened bottles.

Others remarked on the folly of spraying bullets indiscriminately with an automatic rifle in a situation where ammo is (supposedly) scarce. Because the developers have stated that the gameplay footage shown thus far is still in development, it’s likely that these issues will be addressed before “The Day Before” is released.

Fight With Other Players Or Go Solo

In “The Day Before,” PvP plays a significant part. No Dark Zone in the vein of The Division, according to the developers. You can meet up with other players anywhere in the world, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to work together or fight it out. Fntastic seems to hint that there are reasons why you shouldn’t treat every player you encounter as a walking treasure machine. However, the rationale behind this is a little hazy.

The Day Before Release Date

Play Together Or stay alone

The rewards of cooperating could be linked to the dynamics of the Woodberry Survivor Colony, a site where you can take quests and interact with other players and more friendly NPCs. According to an interview, the team is looking into a reputation system tied to the colony, which could have an impact on how the tale unfolds. There’s also a heavy focus on PvE, with more PvE-focused places, which could make teaming up with other players more worthwhile.

If PvP isn’t your thing, Fntastic has confirmed that “The Day Before” can also be played offline. While it isn’t the intended style, you can accomplish tasks, explore the surroundings, and fight the infected entirely on your own.

Remember To Fule Up Your Vehicle

Players can explore the huge map of “The Day Before” using a variety of vehicles. Vehicles, like all other in-game systems, have substantial advantages and disadvantages. Fntastic co-founder Aisen Gotovtsev said in an interview that when traveling about, gamers must keep an eye on their fuel gauge. To top off the petrol tank, get out of the car and use a canister to refill the tank. Similarly, vehicles require maintenance, which means your vehicle may run out of petrol or break down at an inconvenient time.

The Day Before

Remember To Fule Up Your Vehicle

The brothers have often stressed the presence of armored vehicles, in addition to exploration and transportation. Depending on whether you’re the one in the driver’s seat or squaring off against another character or player, these technological behemoths open you to a range of possibilities. Off-roading, regardless of the vehicle you choose, poses a risk of becoming stuck in the mud, which is an awful and pretty unsightly way to go during a zombie apocalypse.

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