The Curse Of The Oak Island Season 6: Will Alien Crossover Save The Show?

Producer Kevin Burns of The Curse Of The Oak Island has talked about Giorgio Tsoukalos making it on the show continually. This obviously means that the showrunners for Season 6 might be thinking on an epic Alien Crossover. Since a couple of seasons, we have been hearing that Tsoukalos will be included some time and this might be it! The Curse Of The Oak Island has been accused of being boring by viewers since Season 5. I mean honestly, yeah there’s nothing much to the storyline or anything, except the same old digging and drilling. But will an Alien Crossover save the show in Season 6? The last best thing that I remember that I saw in the show was when mates discovered an artifact connected to The Ark Of The Covenant.

So for Season 6 team members want to do an extraterrestrial exploration, as has been hinted in various reports. Kevin Burns was presented with the possibility of doing an Ancient Alien Research in and around the Oak Island. Looks like an exciting plot, doesn’t it? And what do we need Tsoukalos for? Viola! This could be an interesting and refreshing plot that saves The Curse Of The Oak Island.

The Curse Of The Oak Island Season 6: Tsoukalos Spoilers

Now Tsoukalos is no stranger to the world of mysticism and animatism. The way he presents his knowledge by drawing out elaborate but interesting analogies captures hearts of many. The guy is an expert of frightening things. His ways might not be traditional or anything. Nevertheless, they glue us. One may expect to see Tsoukalos in Season 6 Episode 1 itself! Tshoukalos shares magnetic chemistry with the Lagina Brothers. So I am assuming his entry into the show at the very beginning would be of major help to one and all. The Ark Of The Covenant will be the biggest mysteries that these three will spend time in deciphering. Already so much money and time have gone into this project. So Rick and Marty Lagina along with Tsoukalos will do the needful this Season and save the show from being boring.

TCOTOI Season 6 Release Date Spoilers

The Curse Of The Oak Island Season 6: Release Date
We do not have an exact release year for the show as yet. Neither Kevin Burns, not the History Channel has divulged any information as to when the series is going to come out. In the last month, Kevin and his crew were spotted at some place on the Island with heaving machinery. Kevin needs to clear the schedule of TCOTOI crewmates and the Ancient Aliens crew.

The Curse Of The Oak Island has seen a fall premiere schedule for all Seasons’, right from 1-5. We expect the show usually around November. And I am guessing season 6 should be no different. As fans of the show, you may remember Season 5 came out in November 2017 and lasted till March of 2018. Episodes come out every Tuesday. It had a total of 18 episodes for us to watch. So Season 6,

I am very sure Season 6 will pop around in November. Principal photography and filming to TCOTOI began in Spring of 2018. The show is in post-production and should be due for a release soon. So, be patient!

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