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The Crazy Guy in the District: Everything You May Know

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Mad for Each Other Cover Poster featuring Noh Hwi Oh and Lee Min Kyung (Credit: Kakao TV)

Korean Drama, The Crazy Guy in the District, will see one unexpected pairing, Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo. Oh Yeon Seo was last seen in 2019’s Love with flaws. It has been almost four years since Jung Woo was last seen on the small screen. Recently, some of the playful stills of the lead stars also got unveiled by KakaoTV. The Crazy Guy in the District will feature two people meeting and falling in love while going through tough times in their life themselves. Look forward to the article to know about The Crazy Guy in the District more. 

One can already guess from the teaser poster and the looks of the stills what comedy will the lead characters bring. Moreover, the leading actors are pretty much interested in making the drama fun for the viewers. The actors playful side are already revealed in the recently released stills. What will happen when a ticking time bomb man with anger management issues meets a delusional woman that can make everyone around her angry? Will they fall in love or head over different paths? Let’s know more about The Crazy Guy in the District in detail here. 

The Crazy Guy in the District: Release Date

The Crazy Guy in the District release date is May 24, 2021, at 19:00 K.S.T or 3:30 p.m. at Daum Kakao TV. The series will consist of thirteen episodes and will run until June 21, 2020, if it does not face any delay. Moreover, the show will stream on three days of the week but has a run time of only 25 minutes. The Crazy Guy in the District also has other names such as The Crazy Guy in This District, Yi Guyeokui Michin X, Crazy Person in the Area, I Guyeogui MichinX, Insane Person in the Area, Insane X in Town, Mad for Each Other, and Crazy X in Town. Lee Tae-gon is the director of the drama. However, there is no information on the screenwriter yet.

What is the release date and Plotline for The Crazy Guy in the District

Oh Yeon Seo as Noh Hwi Oh in one of the recently released stills for The Crazy Guy in the District (Credit: KakaoTV)

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The Crazy Guy in the District: Cast

The Crazy Guy in the District leading cast is Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo. They are depicting Lee Min Kyung and Noh Hwi Oh, respectively. The supporting cast members include Ahn Woo Yeon, Jang Seung Kil, Lee Soo Hyun, Lee Yeon Du, Kim Nam Hee, Lee Hye Eun, and Baek Ji Won. They are respectively portraying Sang Yeob, Manager Kim, Su Hyun, Joo Ri, Seon Ho, Sun Young, and In Ja. The offers to the lead roles were already sent out last year. Script reading for the took place in April 2021 and the revelation of cast Lee Soo Hyun.

Jung Woo said that the content for the series looked interesting besides the title’s attraction. He can take part in a fun project. It is also one of his first drama in a long time. Last time, he appeared on 2016’s Reply 1988. He thinks he will have fun filming and working with the writer, director, and co-star. Jung Woo thinks they will help him in the creation of an attractive and unique character. Furthermore, he is interested to see how the new platform will help them in a more accessible way to the viewers.

Oh Yeon Soo said she is really happy about her appearance in a show for the first time in a long time. Not only the characters but the premise is also interesting. She could not stop laughing while reading the script. Yeon Soo is interested to know how the story will work out on the screen. Furthermore, she will work hard to make a show enjoyable and fun to the viewers.

The Crazy Guy in the District: Plotline

The Crazy Guy in the District revolves around Lee Min Kyung and Noh Hwi Oh. The former is a detective in the Gangnam Police Station’s violent crimes division. However, he became a crazy person that could not hold his anger after a sudden turn in his life. The latter lives in compulsions and delusions of her creations. She had a respectable job, was pretty, and lead a decent life. But, everything in her life changed due to one incident. Now, she is caught up in her own prison and does not trust anyone. Moreover, she can make anyone around her angry with her delusional side. Coincidentally, both came across each other and begun falling in love while healing each other in the process.

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