The Boys Star Antony Starr Arrested After Drunken Pub Fight!

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Antony Starr
Antony Starr

It seems like one of The Boys stars is in severe legal trouble! Antony Starr, who plays one of the leading characters in the Amazon Prime series, has been handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence! The actor reportedly got into a physical altercation and has been serving prison time along with paying a hefty fine.

Starr has allegedly assaulted twenty-one years old chef called Bathuel Araujo, in a drunken state while in a Costa Blanca pub. The chef revealed that he was punched twice and later glass was smashed in his face. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and was required to have four stitches to the wound above his eye.

The Injured Person Gave A Full Statement About The Violent Brawl!

The Boys star has been ordered to pay more than £4,000 in compensation. The actor plays the role of superhero Homelander on the Amazon show The Boys. The actor is having an eventful year as he is busy filming for a new Guy Ritchie movie in Spain. However, the prison sentence is being suspended on one condition that Anthony Starr is required to not commit another crime in two years and pays the hefty compensation in the next 72 hours. 

The injured chef Bathuel Araujo has further given a statement to the local tabloids stating that his alleged aggressor was very drunk at the time and said he had a huge meltdown after a friend he was with asked a friend of the actor’s to calm him down because he was creating a scene. This eventually led to the brawl. The pub brawl soon took a violent turn with the actor getting arrested and the chef being  severely injured . 

Antony Starr
Antony Starr

It was further reported that as the pub fight soon went out out of hand, the actor was soon arrested and taken to a nearby police station where Anthony has spent nights in police cells and has to appear in court. However, another man was also injured which required four stitches. The Boys star recently posted photos of him while basking in the sunlight after flying to the Costa Blanca.

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